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Origami Bird Instruction - Thumbnail

The Best Way to Make an Origami Bird

Introduction: There are many ways and styles of making origami of a bird. One way of making a basic origami bird is through this method, as it requires only a few steps. It...
Origami Flying Bird - Thumbnail

Easily Make an Origami Flying Bird

Introduction: A fun and easy papercraft is this origami twirling bird. The reason it's called a twirling bird is that you can flap its wings and see it twirl down once finished....
Origami Flapping Bird - Thumbnail

Create Your Own Origami Flapping Bird

Introduction: If you're familiar with the traditional Japanese origami crane, then this activity might be a lot easier for you. This flapping bird is the simpler version of that bird origami. What's...
Dollar Bill Origami Duck - Thumbnail

Easy Dollar Bill Origami Duck Instructions

Introduction: Making an origami duck is easy. Using a piece of a dollar bill or any piece of rectangular paper, you can have your own version of this paper bird. A great...
Dollar Bill Origami Peacock - Thumbnail

Dollar Bill Origami Peacock Step by Step Instructions

Introduction: Making a bird from a dollar bill can be an easy activity with this origami peacock. A peacock bird is a famous creature known for its beautiful long feather tail. Folding...
Origami Pelican - Thumbnail

Origami Pelican Instructions with Pictures

Introduction: A simple way to make a bird origami is this origami pelican. For this instruction, we will make an origami that resembles a pelican bird's physical traits. Pelicans are water birds...
Origami Owl - Thumbnail

Origami Owl Instructions Step by Step

Introduction: Owls are nocturnal birds known for their large heads and the sharp beak that points downward. For this instruction, we are going to make an origami owl. It may look pretty...
Origami Swan- Thumbnail

Make Your Own Origami Crane Easy

Introduction: If you're having a hard time making the traditional paper crane, then this easy version of the origami crane may be a better paper activity for you. Great for kids and...
Origami Swan Easy - Thumbnail

Make an Origami Swan in 9 Easy Steps

Introduction: A simple and elegant paper swan is one of the easiest origami birds to make. Great for kids and beginners, this paper swan is very easy to fold and shape. Once...
Origami Chicken- Thumbnail

Origami Chicken Step by Step Instructions

Introduction: Making an origami chicken is a great papercraft for kids and beginners. This easy bird origami only requires simple folds and a few materials to make. You will only be needing...

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