Easy Napkin Folding (Marqueè)


Easy Napkin Folding (Marqueè)


A marquée is actually nothing more than a stylishly rolled-up napkin. It is a simple yet elegant way to fold a napkin easily. This type of napkin folding is perfect for any occasion with many guests, such as a wedding or a birthday. It is also suitable on any occasions that you want to decorate the table nicely

Difficulty Level: Easy


First, unfold the napkin. Put them in front of you like this.

Easy Napkin Folding (Marqueè) - 01

Then diagonally fold over part of the upper right corner.

Easy Napkin Folding (Marqueè) - 02

Now roll up the napkin.

Easy Napkin Folding (Marqueè) - 03
Easy Napkin Folding (Marqueè) - 04

Now shape up into a cone the folded napkin and adjust it a little.

Easy Napkin Folding (Marqueè) - 05

Your napkin is done!

What’s great and practical here is that the marquée unfolds directly when it is picked up. That way the guest can effortlessly unfold his napkin.

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  1. Yes something easier, I’ll use it for my husband’s birthday party

  2. Nice!

  3. i learned one of this in a hotel wedding

  4. So cool! Can’t wait to try!

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