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Have a HEART-ful great time creating while relaxing

Packed with lovely heart drawings everyone will surely enjoy, coloring these illustrations will surely give them hours of fun and creative learning. Each illustration was drawn with thick bold lines and handpicked to be age-appropriate for children. It is suited for all ages and anyone and everyone can color these hearts absolutely free! Adults and children will surely have a lovely time coloring this!

What we offer:

-Easy-to-color heart designs that everyone will love
-Hand-drawn illustration of hearts ready to be filled with any color of your choosing
-A wide variety of beautiful heart illustrations  suited for beginners and expert levels
-A portable activity ready to be printed anytime.

How to get these heart coloring pages for free?

Click. Download and then Print!

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Choose any of our heart designs above. Click what you chose to go to their respective page.

Step 2: When you’re on the page of your desired heart coloring page, click the green Download button below and it will lead you to the printable download file.

Step 3: Download the pdf and print it on any paper of your choice. The illustration is sized at A4 paper. You may resize it on any image editing program if you want it to print on the paper of your choice.

Step 4: You now have your own free printable!. Print as many as you want and lexplore various coloring materials to make the coloring page extra special!

Tip: What is the best paper to print coloring pages?
We recommend using thick bond paper (around 500 gsm). That way the colors will not bleed when coloring.

How do you make coloring fun for everyone?

There are many ways to make it a lot more than just printing and coloring it with crayons.

-A lovely present to your loved one(and it’s free!) especially during Valentine’s
-Turn it into a journal/ book cover
-Decorate hearts on plain gift bags using the printables
-Decorate a Valentine’s or Birthday card using the printable
– Experiment with various art materials besides crayons. Use colored glue or glitters to color or stick some beads to fill in the hearts.

Is there a benefit to coloring these hearts illustrations?

-Improves Focus and Hand-Eye Coordination
-Builds up confidence and self-esteem
-Helps in self-expression
-Develop one’s imagination
-Improve one’s creativity and motor skills
-Prepares them for school
-Makes them more appreciative

Term of use
This pdf printable is for personal use only and cannot be used commercially or be resold/redistributed. You can print as many copies as you need for your own personal use.

How do you teach coloring skills to small kids?

To teach them proper grip and movement patterns, use the hand over hand method and keep them interested by offering them a variety of safe coloring tools.

Coloring is a wonderful opportunity for children and adults to express themselves creatively.

Have fun coloring!

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