Coloring Pages of Animals

Creatively explore the wonderful world of adorable animals through our coloring pages!

Each animal coloring page is just waiting to be filled with your favorite coloring material be it crayons, watercolor, gel pens, or markers. Designed to be colored by everyone, each animal illustration is meticulously drawn to be age-appropriate for anyone to enjoy especially children.

What animals do we have on our coloring page catalog?

A lot of cute creatures to choose from!

Coming from a broad range of habitats including forests, jungles, deserts, and grasslands, we have it here. We will to try include as many animals as you to color.

The animals we have now are:
Unicorns (Yes they’re half horses half magic!)

What makes our animal coloring printables good?

You’ll get a lot of good stuff here for free!

Hand-drawn A4-sized illustrations of adorable animals
Amazing value! – so many animals to choose from!
Suited for all ages.
Downloadable and accessible 24/7 – download and print here anytime.
Physical and emotional benefits you can get from coloring

How to get these coloring pages for free!

Easy 🙂


Click: Choose the desired animal you wish to color in our catalog above.

Download: Once you’ve clicked the page drawing, it will redirect you to that illustration’s coloring page. Press the green button to download.

Print: The illustration is in A4 pdf format so you can print in A4 size paper or resize it on any image editing app to print it on the paper that you wish to color this printable.

Color: Grab your coloring materials and start coloring!

Suggested art materials to use for coloring:

For younger kids – It is better to introduce them to coloring materials that are not hazardous to use. Crayons are a great medium and also non-toxic paint if you want to introduce your kids to finger painting along the lines.

For older kids/ beginners – If you’re someone who wishes to invest in their creative skills or want to introduce your tweens to art, then colored pencils are a great choice. By using colored pencils, it is one of the best media to learn about tone and shading.

For those who wish to level up their coloring skills – Try watercolor, gel pens, and markers. It can be a bit tricky to get the right way of shading at first, but once you get the hang of it, your coloring illustration will be very worth it.

Printing Tip: Use a thick piece of bond paper (around 500gsm). That way the colors do not bleed especially when you use markers and pens.

What benefit can I get from coloring animals:

– improve one’s creativity and motor skill
-challenge one’s innovativeness
-reduce stress and anxiety
-improves sleep
– helps with focus and concentration
-develops one’s artistic skills
-challenge one’s innovativeness
-introduces a different kind of animals to kids and make them more familiar with different living things
– raise the awareness on the importance of animals

Term of use
This pdf printable is for personal use only and cannot be used commercially or be resold/redistributed. You can print as many copies as you need for your own personal use.

Packed full of amazing coloring pages full of favorite animals,

We hope you have fun coloring!

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