Folding Instructions

A Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Folding

Learn various ways to fold paper and cloth into beautiful masterpieces through our folding instructions.

How can I learn origami for free?
Here! There are tons of courses that you can learn!

Discover various ways to bend, mold, cut, and fold different kinds of materials and make it into an amazing artwork that can awe a crowd. We have hundreds of folding tutorials that are easy to follow and understand. Each step is illustrated from scratch to ensure that each instruction is clear and concise. Have fun folding!

How do you fold paper and cloth nicely?

Here we have exciting projects that you can make out of a piece of paper:


The most common way of folding is origami. Originated from Japan, origami is an art of folding in where a piece of square paper is transformed into an intricate sculpture or design. The most common origami is the crane. It can be quite tricky to do but don’t worry as we have easier ones that you can do if you’re a  beginner.

Here are some of the easiest origami to make:

Super Simple Origami Yacht
Bus Folding Guide


Kirigami is cutting and folding paper which is transformed into a sculpture. Some people do not consider a paper sculpture that has been trimmed as origami.

Here you can find different kirigami as well:

Monkey Climbing a Mountain
Origami Owl 

Paper Airplanes

A glider made out of a piece of paper, this aircraft can be a great toy to play with your peers.  There are many ways to makes to make a paper aeroplane so do check out our tutorials here.

Dollar Bill Origami

Dollars bills are a cool way to fold a paper into something amazing. Once folded, you can give this as a gift to someone special after. It is not necessarily required to use a dollar bill to make this craft. You may use different currency bills with similar proportions to a dollar bill or a rectangular piece of paper.  Check out our awesome dollar bill tutorials here!

Napkin Folding

Make your dining table extra special by decorating it with some paper/cloth napkins. We have dozens of easy and elegant folding tutorials for you to try for your next part, brunch or simple family lunch/dinner. We have easy to follow here.

What do I get from learning all of these folding techniques?

Folding a piece of paper or cloth is a type of craft and it can have so many benefits for us.

Develop fine motor skills
Mental concentration
Develop our artistic and creatives skills
Challenge our innovativeness
Relieves stress and anxiety
Improve our spatial reasoning

Creativity exists in every one of us!
We hope you find something in our folding instructions that will inspire you to keep on creating!

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