Paper Airplanes

Create Awesome Kinds of Paper planes!

Turn your paper into art through Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplane is a great way to level up your crafting skills. On our website, we have put together lots of varieties of planes that you can make at home!

Each paper plane has its step-by-step procedure to make this activity a lot easier. Each tutorial includes hand-drawn illustrations that are simple enough to understand but detailed enough to be useful. Grab your paper and start crafting your own paper plane!


As a kid, you have probably made the most basic plane right?

Most likely yes! But there are also better ways to make a much spectacular version of your childhood plane.

Airplane folds you can make at home:

Basic Airplane:

There are numerous methods for creating your own paper airplane. To begin, fold the paper vertically in half. Second, unfold the paper and bring each of the top corners into contact with the centerline. Thirdly, tuck the top edges of the rectangle into the centerline. Fourth, fold the plane in half in the direction of travel. Fifth, fold the wings inward, aligning the top edges with the body’s bottom edge. Finally, apply double-stick tape or glue to the interior of the body. And presto! You now possess a paper airplane of your own.

By Category:

Best Paper Airplanes

It’s interesting that paper planes actually fly, but we’ll leave that for science class. Discover the best paper airplane designs for distance, speed and aesthethic.

Cool Paper Airplanes

Looking to make cool paper planes that fly far? We have detailed tutorials on how to make cool paper airplanes.

Easy Paper Airplanes

Make simple paper airplanes with our easy-to-follow tutorials and instructions. We provide step-by-step, well-illustrated guides.

Paper Airplane Gliders

Make a crazy, long-distance glider-style paper airplane that flies far. We’ll show you how to make the best paper airplane gliders.

Paper Airplanes for Kids

Discover a collection of simple and super fun paper airplane designs for kids. Instructions on how to make kid’s paper airplanes easy and fast.

What paper should I use for my paper plane:

Any thick paper would do as long as it’s sturdy enough to hold its shape when folded. We do recommend using an A4 paper on our tutorials so you can follow the instructions exactly.

Take note though: Your plane is made out of paper, which means that if water comes in contact with it and it might tear.


We hope you have fun crafting and playing with your paper airplane! Have a wonderful day crafting!

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