Make Something Incredible With A Piece Of Paper

If you’re into the art of folding, then you’re at the right place! We have put together dozens of origami tutorials that you can make at home. Each folding instruction has step-by-step instructions to make this activity a lot easier for you. To make the tutorial easier, each step is illustrated by hand. Grab your paper and let’s start crafting!

What is special about Origami?

The most popular way of folding paper is origami. You can do so much with a piece of paper. Anything is possible from turning it into a simple paper plane to an intricate paper crane. What’s great about this folding method is that you only need a piece of paper (usually square) and your imagination to make something incredible!

Why is origami important to Japanese culture?

Origami originated from Japan. Paper was rare and expensive in the olden days.  Now, paper is widely available. Objects, animals, and other living things were formed by folding a piece of paper intricately.  Over time, the art of paper folding became a cultural practice and was considered a first-class skill to the Japanese nobility. Now it has become a well-appreciated craft beloved by all ages.

At present, How is origami used?

Through the decades, the art of paper folding has been widespread throughout the globe and has been used in various ways. Artists, crafters, engineers, and inventors use paper folding as inspiration to create inventions and design stunning decor. The craft known as origami is not just child’s play. It is also an inspiration for new creative innovations.

How do you make origami?

The first step is to get a piece of paper. The majority of the paper folding tutorials require you to use square-shaped paper but some origami requires a rectangle. Use thick and durable paper so that it doesn’t tear easily and can stay put when folded.

Nowadays, paper comes in various types, designs, and sizes. They are available almost anywhere. Special paper is not required. You can even use a bond paper, newspaper, or gift wrapper if you don’t have origami paper.  Experiment with various types of paper to make your own special paper sculpture.

What easy origami can I make?

Here are some paper folding tutorials great for beginners:

What is the most popular type of origami?

Here you can find various tutorials of popular paper folding tutorials on our website :


Kirigami vs Origami: Origami is solely folding a piece of paper while Kirigami involves cutting and gluing the paper to form a figure. We’ve included some for you to enjoy.

We have various categories of paper folding tutorials! See What you fancy Here!

We hope you learned a lot of nice ways to fold a piece of paper!

Have fun crafting!

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