Christmas Coloring Pages

A very wonderful and Merry Christmas to you!

Enjoy tons of fun-filled Christmas coloring pages that you and the kids can color for free!

Welcome to the festive area of our coloring page! Each Christmas coloring page will surely take you on a creative adventure full of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.

We have packed this catalog with different Christmas theme drawings of all varieties. From Santa delivering his present to reindeers getting ready for Christmas. We also have a different assortment of holiday-themed illustrations such as a family of snowmen, Christmas trinkets such as sweets and presents. and gingerbread man. You and the kids will surely have a pleasant time coloring these drawings. And even though it’s not yet December, no one will stop you from having a wonderfully festive Christmas activity. These coloring illustrations are made for adults, teens, men, and women. We hope you have a great time with our creations specially made for you!

Having these Christmas goodies (we meant printables) is simple!

We want you to have a great time which is why we made it easy for you!

Step 1: See our catalog above? You can choose a wide array of drawings there. Click your chosen drawing to go to their respective page.

Step 2: Once you’re on the page of your chosen illustration, click the green Download button below. It will lead you to the printable download file.

Step 3: Download the pdf and print it on any paper of your choice. The size of the file is A4 so it’s best to print it on an A4 size paper. You may resize it on any image editing program if you want it to print it on a different-sized paper.

Step 4: You now have your own free printable that you can color any way you like. Consider this printable us an early Christmas present from us for visiting our site 🙂 Print as many as you want and use any color materials to make your coloring page extra special!

Here’s a tip! If you want to use markers or pens to color this without worrying that the ink will bleed through the pages. Use thick bond paper (around 450gm) or watercolor paper.

What Christmas coloring printables do we have here:

-Santa Clause (and a cute pony wearing a Santa outfit)
-Christmas presents
-Christmas tree
-Gingerbread man
-Small Trinkets such as candies

Is there a benefit to coloring these Christmas printables?

-Provide hours of fun, stress relief, creativity, and relaxation during the holidays (also on non-holidays 😁)
-Provides bonding time for kids and parents
-Improve one’s creativity and motor skills
-Teaches kids color awareness recognition and discernment
-Improves focus and hand to eye coordination
-Makes them more appreciative of the Yuletide Season!

What can I do with these Christmas printable than just simply coloring them?

-They make awesome STOCKING STUFFERS!
-A lovely present to your loved one( and it’s free!)
-Turn it into a journal/ book cover
-No Gift wrapper? No problem!
-Turn it into a coloring book T-shirt
– Cut out the Christmas characters and turn them into puppets

Term of use
This printable is for personal use only and cannot be used commercially or be resold/redistributed. You can print as many copies as you need for your own personal use.

We hope magical and joyous time coloring! Merry Christmas!

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