Easy Mandala Coloring Page for Kids and Adults


Easy Mandala Coloring Page for Kids and Adults

If your looking for an activity that everybody can do then this easy mandala coloring page might be the one you're looking for. Coloring is a relaxing way for kids and adults to develop their creativity and imagination. Download by clicking the green button to get this for free!

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  1. To start, I am not a coloring aficionado. I decided to try this because a friend advised me she was coloring to relax during the pandemic. This will do! Thanks

  2. I am a full time mom and don’t have a lot of time to color and so this is perfect.

  3. nice! something simple!

  4. This is an awesome coloring page. he is 8 years old

  5. This the kind of mandala that I want to color 🙂


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