Money Flowers

Transform a dollar bill into something beautiful!

Create stunning money flowers out of a dollar bill with the help of our tutorials!

First of all, what is a Money Flower?

A money flower is a paper origami made out of money. Transforming a dollar bill into a flower is a wonderful way to get creative and transform a dollar bill into something stunning. On our website, we have put together dozens of super simple origami tutorials such as flowers for you to enjoy. Each flower money origami tutorial has step-by-step instructions to make this activity a lot easier for you. Each step is illustrated by hand so that it can be simple yet detailed enough for beginners and kids to understand. Grab your dollar bill (or a rectangular piece of paper) and let’s start crafting!

How do you start a money flower?

Gather the materials that you need:

First things first, get a dollar bill or any currency bill of your choosing.

Note: You may use any paper if you don’t have or don’t want to use a dollar bill. Just make sure to use a paper that has the same proportions as a dollar bill.

There are many ways to fold a dollar bill simply. All you need to know for most parts are the 3 basics folds in origami. Dollar bills are known for their durability because they are composed of linen and wool. It is great for beginners as it does not tear or rip easily.

Learn the 3 basic folds that you need to know to make a dollar bill origami

Valley Fold

The most common fold is the valley fold, this is when you simply fold a part of the paper forward along the designated fold line(dashed lines). Once folded, then folded. the paper forms a “V”.

Mountain Fold

The opposite of the valley fold, you need to fold a part of the paper from behind instead of folding it forward.

Squash fold

To use this technique,  pry open the 2 layers of the paper slightly, then press and flatten the paper to make the fold.

Here’s how you can make a money flower

Step 1: Create the flower

Step 2: Create the stem by rolling a dollar into a stick.

Step 3: Create the leaf

Step 4: Stick everything with some tape (Use some magic tape so that the dollar bill will not get damaged).

 Fun and Interesting Things You Can Do with a Money Flower:

When you’re done making a money flower origami, you can do fun and interesting things with this paper flower:

  • a wedding/birthday gift
  • bookmark
  • gift of gratuity
  • a spectacular money decor.

We hope you have fun transforming a dollar bill into a wonderful flower.


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