Paper Airplanes for Kids

Create Paper Planes That Kids Will Love

Learn how to make paper airplanes for kids here!

One of the most basic papercraft that you can teach kids is to make is a paper plane. It is one of the simplest activities that they can do and play with their friends and family. There are many ways to create paper airplanes. In this category, you will see a selection of paper airplane tutorials that are perfect for children and beginners. Using only a piece of A4 paper, you can create easy airplanes that will surely help your kids win first place in a racing match. Grab some paper and learn how to fold a plane with your kids.

How do you make a simple paper airplane?

Wanna Know The Easiest Ways To Make A Paper Plane?

Above this page, there are tons of airplane tutorials that are easy and fun to do. Check it out!

How to make your paper plane fly faster?

Here are some tips on flying your airplane efficiently:

Anyone can create a paper airplane, but not everyone can make it fly fast and far. 

  • To make the fastest paper airplane, fold the planes in the instruction precisely. For best results, use a flat, thin-edged object like a ruler or a card to flatten out all folds, edges, and corners, and create straight creases.
  • The weight on both sides of the plane should be equal. Make sure your airplane is symmetrical.  That way no wing is lighter or heavier than the other one.
  • Figure out which works best on how you would launch the plane. Some plane flies better if you launch it at curve path while some on a straight path. 

How to decorate the paper plane with your kids:

  • If you want to color the plane, use poster paint, acrylic paint, or watercolor to paint the papercraft. Make sure the paint is safe and non-toxic.
  • Or, you can use a colored piece of paper to make the plane.
  • Use some markers and crayons to decorate the small details of the plane.
  • Get crafty and eco-friendly by using buttons, glitters, and cut-outs to decorate your plane.
  • Bring your plane to life by drawing it a face or sticking some googly eyes.

Benefits of Crafting to  Kids

Here’s how activities such as paper plane making benefits kids (and adults) emotional, mental, and physical growth

  • Helps build self-esteem
  • Develops their motor skills
  • Broadens their creativity
  • Prepares them for school
  • Develops their critical thinking skills
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Develops the relationship of the parent and child


We hope you and the kids have fun crafting and playing with your paper airplane! Have a wonderful day crafting!

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