Best Paper Airplanes


Want To Bag the First Place On A Paper Airplane Contest?

Learn the best paper airplanes that you can make here! 

Paper Airplane is an awesome way to improve your crafting abilities. A simple paper plane is a toy aircraft, typically constructed from a folded sheet of paper. This art and crafts are the simplest aircraft to create and fly, and people can easily learn the concepts of airplane motion by just flying paper planes!

How to make the best paper airplane?

Here on our website, you will learn that folding a paper airplane is one of the best ways to create a toy aircraft. Hence, simple instructions and materials to be used when crafting a plane will indeed make your day a compelling one!

What’s the best material to use to make a paper airplane?

Just a sheet of paper is enough to create your ideal paper airplane! A4 paper size is recommended while creating your own paper plane, along with glue or tape to better integrate the parts of your airplane. You can use colored or patterned paper to make it extra nice.


  1. Let the paper be oriented vertically, then make a crease within the center.
  2. Bring the upper corners in triangular form, then its upper edges into the center.
  3. Lastly, fold the paper in half, then bring the wings down until it reaches the bottom edge of the plane

Congratulations, your paper airplane is now ready to take off!

Tip: To ensure the attachments of folds within the paper plane, apply glue or tape in order to hold the pieces of the plane features together, creating smoother projectile motion when flying.

Best ways to Fly a Paper Airplane:

Here’s one of the best way to launch your plane:

  • Slightly bend the wings upward, being positioned more than its typical 90-degree placement.
  • When aiming the plane to fly, push down the back of the plane, pointing towards the target destination.
  • Finally, release your paper plane freely, creating a smooth glide through the air!


Don’t know where to start?

Each paper planes have their own design feature making them the best paper planes to fly. So grab your paper and get started making the best paper airplanes!

Here’s what we think are the best:

The Origami Fighter Jet F14 may be one of the coolest paper planes you have ever seen. Not to mention, the simple guidelines very ideal for beginners. This travels higher than most paper aircraft, along with its excellent gliding capabilities, just like a real jet plane.

When flown, the Glider Paper Airplane 2.1 can travel long distances. As mentioned in the previous guidelines, this plane can glide effortlessly across the air by using the proper throwing method.

The Star Wars Tie Fighter is a one-of-a-kind paper plane that resembles a spacecraft from a very famous science fiction film. Ensure that your paper airplane is folded properly so that it flies nicely in the end!

We hope you have a good time creating these paper airplanes. Have a wonderful paper crafting day!

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