Origami Glider Tutorial with Pictures – The Dove

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Origami Glider Tutorial with Pictures – The Dove


The dove paper plane is an excellent glider thanks to its wings. This plane is known for its impressive glide and long straight flight when flown in the air. The plane bears that name because it flies elegantly like a dove.

A great origami activity for kids and beginners, this paper airplane is easy to fold and simple to construct.

Step 1

Make the Tip of the Glider

Origami glider - The Dove - 01

Lay the paper upright and fold it vertically in half. Crease well and then unfold.

Origami glider - The Dove - 02

Diagonally fold the top corners to the vertical crease.

Origami glider - The Dove - 03

Bring the top corner downwards.

Step 2

Make the Body of the Paper Airplane

Origami glider - The Dove - 04

Now fold the left and right corners of the top side one more time to the middle.

Origami glider - The Dove - 05

See that extra flap of the second layer? Bring it upwards and overlap it to the top layer.

Origami glider - The Dove - 06

Fold the paper vertically in half.

Step 3

Create the Wings and Winglets

Origami glider - The Dove - 07

Fold a large portion of the top flap to the right.

Origami glider - The Dove - 08

Repeat the previous step to make the other wing. Mountain fold a big portion of the bottom layer to the back.

Origami glider - The Dove - 09

Unfold the wings at a 90-degree angle.

Origami glider - The Dove - 10

Fold a small portion of the left and right edge inwards.

Origami glider - The Dove - 11

Your Dove paper plane is done!

With its fast and stable straight flight, it’s the perfect plane to race with your friends!

Extra Tips

  • Use a long strip of scotch tape and stick it under the fuselage of the paper airplane.
  • Paint your plane with cool details like stars on the wings, a flight number plate, and a cockpit.
  • If you want your paper airplane to fly even better, use another strip of scotch tape. Connect both wings with the strip so that they stay together in flight. If the wings stop falling apart, the air resistance is lower, and the arrow flies faster through the air.
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  1. It’s got air time – don’t care about the distance although that was alright as well but man 10 seconds in the air is insane!

  2. When my son wanted a paper plane I ended up here. He chose this one and now he plays it most afternoons. Ofc, mommy has to make one again every now and then

  3. My plane flew a long distance but it’s quite slow but I kinda like to see it sort of float like that… 8 meters ain’t bad. And oh, use tape 🙂


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