Sea Glider Paper Airplane – Instructions with Pictures

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Sea Glider Paper Airplane – Instructions with Pictures


In this tutorial, We’ll show you how to fold a paper airplane shaped like a sea glider. This origami plane activity is well suited for kids and beginners. Surely, you will end up with a super cool paper airplane once you have completed the instructions below. Thanks to its shape, the sea glider flies like a real seagull, it changes the direction quickly and can even fly in loops.

Step 1

Start Folding A Square Paper

IMG_5093 (1)

Get a square piece of paper and fold it diagonally in half.

Sea glider paper airplane - 01IMG_6360

If you don't have one, you could use your rectangular paper and fold it diagonally then cut to make a square paper.

Sea glider paper airplane - 02

Take the diagonal folded edge and fold it over about 1.5 centimeters along its entire length.

Sea glider paper airplane - 03

If the edge is too small, the paper plane glider then falls backward. If the edge is too big, the plane falls forward in flight. You may have to touch up again after folding. Fold the right corner onto the left corner of the albatross.

Step 2

Work on the Flaps of the Glider

Sea glider paper airplane - 04

Fold the inner top flap outwards.

Sea glider paper airplane - 05

Then fold the other side as well.

Sea glider paper airplane - 06

The next step is to make the wings. Bring a portion of the top flap diagonally downwards to the right.

Step 3

Finish Making the Sea Glider Paper Airplane

Sea glider paper airplane - 07

Fold the back wing as well on the opposite side.

Sea glider paper airplane - 08

Once folded, flare out the wings.

Sea glider paper airplane - 09

You are 90% done. Just flip it so you'll face the other side and add some final touches.

Sea glider paper airplane - 10

Congratulations, your swallow is now ready to go! Write down in the comments how far your plane flew. Have fun flying!

Extra Tips

  • That was the tutorial on how to fold a sea glider. If you find that your paper plane is not flying as intended, then take a look at whether your plane is tilting forwards or backward.
  • If the swallow tilts backward, the front of the plane is too light. Unfold the plane again. In the beginning, we folded the long edge about an inch wide. Take this edge and fold it back about an inch. Fold the plane back up and off you go.
  • If the plane tips forward, the front swallow is too heavy. So proceed as above, but fold the edge back less than an inch. Have fun flying!
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  1. It’s unique among some of the planes I tried and is easy to do to. My flight distance would have been 30 feet give or take

  2. Hey Karen, good day. I hope you have enjoyed visiting the website. Could please tell me which part/s you found difficult? Thanks!


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