Origami Birds


Learn How to Make Different Kinds of Bird With A Piece of Paper!


Create origami birds with some paper!

Discover various ways to make an origami bird with the help of our tutorials. From an easy flapping bird to an elegant swan, we have different kinds of birds that you can make. Suited for anyone and everyone, we have an origami bird depending on any skill level. Learning how to make a bird from a piece of paper is a great craft activity for kids. It is also a great way to introduce various animals to them.
To make things easier for you, each step has clear and concise illustrations. Each of them is hand-drawn so that kids and adults would not have a hard time. Now grab your paper and let’s start crafting!

What is so important about origami?

Learning this craft is so great because you can create different kinds of animals with a piece of paper. From turning it into a cute dog to an intricate dinosaur, anything is possible. What’s great about this folding method is that you only need the various instructions we have prepared for you and your imagination to make something stunning!
Crafts such as origami help in stress relief. It has a calming effect when you fold a piece of paper into a 3D sculpture.
 What do origami birds symbolize?
A lot of birds represent something significant, especially to Japanese culture. The most popular origami is the crane which represents peace and good luck. It is believed that creating a thousand paper cranes can grant you a wish. In some stories, making a paper bird can grant you good health and prosperity. Try one yourself!

How do you make a paper origami bird?

The first step is to get a piece of paper. The majority of the bird origami tutorials here use a square piece of paper. It best to use a thick sturdy one so that it doesn’t tear and so that it can stay put when folded into a majesticorigami birds.

How do you make your origami bird better?

  • Nowadays, other are different kinds of origami paper to choose from. To make your bird spectacular, try to use a unique kind of paper. There are even some craft stores that sell paper with unique patterns. You may even use recycled paper such as newspapers or old magazines to not waste paper.
  • After finishing the origami bird, try drawing eyes on it or stick some googly eyes to give it some personality.
  • Experiment with various materials to make your one-of-kind bird figure.

How do you make an origami bird for kids?

If it’s your first time making a bird, try these first:

Have fun Folding!

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