DIY 3D Paper Star Instructions | Guide on How to Make a Christmas Ornament

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DIY 3D Paper Star Instructions | Guide on How to Make a Christmas Ornament


Create this wonderful star made out of simple cardboard! This super stylish star would make an awesome decoration that you can hang with a string or turn into a mobile. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or autumn, it is great to use in any season and in any festivities. Now let’s start with the tutorial.

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  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Clips


  • A4 colored paper
  • Glue
  • String (optional)
DIY 3D paper star_guide_materials
DIY 3D paper star_guide_materials
Step 1

Cut some strips of paper to make the DIY 3D paper star

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_1

Get a piece of A4 colored paper. Draw lines on your paper based on the measurements on the image above.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_2

Cut it into strips along the lines made in the first step.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_3

You should now have three pieces of colored paper. Cut each strip in half.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_4

Now that your strips are done, we can now form the segments of the star.

Step 2

Learn how to make a segment of the paper star.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_5

Now mark the middle of the stripes and make two more marks to the right and the left, the distance should be 20 millimeters from the middle. Fold and unfold along the marks made to make the crease lines.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_6

Bend the strips at the crease lines.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_7

Once folded, a strip of paper should look like the image above. Now glue them together at the ends.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_8

You have now made a segment of the star. To make sure that the ends of the segment in intact, clip them with a binder clip or clothespin.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_9

Make 5 more of these so that you have 6 pieces.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_10

Let the ends of each segment set before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3

Assemble the segments of the star

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_11

Position the segments of the star like the image above.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_12

Now take the shorter sides of the respective segments and apply glue to them as well. Stick each segments to one another on the shorter side.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_13

Do this on all sides to form the star. Make sure all shorter sides of each segment are stuck to each other.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_step_14

Let your star dry for a while before removing the clips.

DIY 3D paper star_guide_finished

Your star is done!

Extra Tips

  • To hang this as decoration, get any string and loop it in one of the segments.
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