Index Card Holder DIY Craft- Step by Step Instructions


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Index Card Holder DIY Craft- Step by Step Instructions


A great DIY craft idea that looks great on a desk or shelf is a note holder. In this post, We’ll show you a quick and easy way on how you can make these three beautiful photo holders. What’s great about this DIY project is that you most likely have all the things you need in the house and outside your backyard.

Get three stones, wires, and paint. You’ll have three index holders in time! You are encourage to come with your own unique design, and to have fun with the activity.

Another thing that make this craft cool is that it promotes the idea of using simple things to create something functional and beautiful at the same time.

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  • Brush and water
  • Pincers (optional)
  • Pen


  • Opaque paints (e.g. Acrylic)
  • 3 small round stones
  • Copper or steel wire
Step 1

Beautifully Paint the Rocks


The first thing you need to do is paint each stone its base color. Decide first what designs you want to go for. Before you can start painting, the first thing you need to do is clean the stones thoroughly.

Tip: For this tutorial, the colors red, two shades of green, black, white, yellow, and blue are used to paint the stones. When painting the stones, make sure to double coat the same color on each stone. Otherwise, the color will not fully cover the stone.


After painting the base color, and waiting for it to dry proceed to add some details to each stone. In this tutorial, on one of the stones, white paint was used to design polka dots to the stone. Since it’s your note holders, you may design it however you like.

Step 2

Bend the Wire


Get your pen and wire. If you have wires that are of suitable length then good. If not then you should use pliers to cut the wires. Ideally, the wire must be cut over a length of about 30 centimeters.


The goal is to make a loop. Take the ballpoint pen or a round stick and wrap the wire around the ballpoint pen. When wrapping the ballpoint pen, make sure that the wires are tight together. If this is not the case, the photos and notes fall out of the holder.


Cool! The next thing to do is get the rocks and begin working on one. Put a stone o top of a wire. And fold the wire's end towards the loop you just made just like in the picture above.

Step 3

Connect the Wire to the Stone


Bend the wire around one stone like shone in the picture above. Approximately half of the wire's length would be used to attach itself to the stone.


The next step is to fully wrap your bent wire around the stone. It is enough if you wrap the wire around the stone twice. Make sure that the end of the wire is on the lower side of the stone or else it won’t look nice.

Step 4

Attach the Cards to the Holder


You should have one of your stones looking like this. Make some minor adjustments to the shape of your wire.


Then put your index or photos in the holder. And that's it - the photo holder is ready! Have fun decorating yours at home. Now comment down below on how you think of this activity! That way, others can see whether it is worth making the note holder.

Extra Tips

  • Be careful not to hurt your fingers when dealing with the wires!
  • Take inspiration from nature or other man made art. You could even harness your emotions to create something truly unique.
  • There are lots of stones out there. Some are better suited to be displayed because of the shape and texture.
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