Easy Ladybug On a Leaf Printable Template – Crafts for Toddlers

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Easy Ladybug On a Leaf Printable Template – Crafts for Toddlers


Create this super cute craft idea that children will surely love. If you want to come up with something that the little ones can also have fun with, then I recommend this ladybug that sits on a leaf.

Also, with the downloadable template below of the ladybug and leaf, making this DIY project will be a breeze! But it’s not just easy to create, the ladybug is also fun to play with. There are quite a few steps in this instruction but they are all simple and encouraging for toddlers.

Lastly, most of the materials needed to make this leaf are usually available in your home. Have fun crafting!

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  • Scissors
  • Marker pen
  • Pencil


  • Construction papers (green and red)
  • Printable
  • Glue

Download Area

Download Template
Step 1

Prepare the stencil of the ladybug on a leaf template

Ladybug On a Leaf - Crafts for Toddlers - 01 of 05

The first thing to do is to click on the green Download button above and print out the template. The template has a measurement of an A4 size paper. Resize it to your liking.

Ladybug On a Leaf - Crafts for Toddlers - 02 of 05

Trace the shape and cut it out. The middle strip on the leaf must also be cut out. These will be the stencils we need to make the ladybug and the leaf.

Step 2

Create the leaf where the ladybug will crawl

Ladybug On a Leaf - Crafts for Toddlers - 03 of 05

Place the leaf cutout on top of a green paper. And then get a pencil.

Ladybug On a Leaf - Crafts for Toddlers - 04 of 05

Trace the shape of the leaf using a pencil.

Ladybug On a Leaf - Crafts for Toddlers - 05 of 05

Then use the drawing you just made to cut a green shape identical to the white leaf.


Then what you want to do is to fold the leaf at the middle. Take note of the dash lines in the image above.


Fold the top part of the leaf to the bottom.What you want to do next is to create a slit. Notice the dash lines in the picture above. Get your scissors again.


Then create the slit by cutting along the dash lines. Unfold the leaf.


The next goal is to draw the details of the leaf. The midrib and veins are what you will draw. You'll need a black marker for this step.


Then use the marker to draw the details of the leaf. Good job! The leaf is done and you'll only need to create the ladybug and handle.

Step 3

Build the ladybug using a piece of red paper


Put the strip and ladybug cut-out on top of a red paper. Get your pencil as you will be doing the same process as with the leaf.


Trace the shapes using your pencil. Then, it's time to get your scissors.


Cut the ladybug and strip. The strip will be important as this will be the handle.


Now, focus your attention on the ladybug. Get a black marker because you will be drawing details onto your ladybug.


Color the entire head of the ladybug black. Then draw a line that will split the body of the bug into two parts. Proceed to draw two circles in each half. Great job, this craft for toddlers is close to being finished.

Step 4

Make the Handle of the Ladybug


Fold the red strip in half by bringing the right side towards the left.


Then fold the paper in half again by bringing the left side towards the tight,


Repeat the process at the back via a mountain fold.


There are now two layers. Fold a portion of the left top layer towards the right. Do the same for the bottom layer.


You should have bended this cardboard strip into a T-shape as sampled in the image above. The strip later serves as a guide for the ladybug to move up and down the leaf. Now it's time to bring everything together.

Step 5

Assemble the ladybug on leaf toddler


You will need your glue, handle, and ladybug for this part of the project.


Then attach the handle to the ladybug. Make sure to apply the glue on the back side.


Then slip the t-piece of the ladybug through the middle cut out of the leaf.


Your ladybug project is done! Now drag the T-piece of the ladybug up and down to make it move on the leaf.

We wish you and the kids lots of fun with this little handicraft. We hope you like this DIY tutorial and that you were able to follow the instructions easily. If you are looking for more interesting handicraft or folding instructions, then take a look around the website!

Extra Tips

  • Instead of a ladybug, you can stick any animal or insect on the handle.
  • You can use a different paper for the handle. A stiffer paper is better and much more durable.
  • Don't forget to read some of the suggested articles on this page. You might find something even better to your liking than the lady bug craft.
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