How to Make a DIY Origami Gift Bag


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How to Make a DIY Origami Gift Bag


This guide will teach you all you need to know to create your gift bag using a piece of paper. It’s a simple process, and you’ll be able to make one quickly with little to no problem.

A great idea for this project is to make 24 gift bags and use them as an advent calendar. You may also use it to wrap presents for birthdays, Easter, Valentine’s, or even a treat bag for Halloween. All you need to do is change the color of the paper to suit the event, and add different decals.

Gift bags, especially handmade, are wonderful as it tells the receiver that you care. So, the next time you offer someone a gift, make a gift bag for it! Another reason why this gift bag craft for kids, and adults too, is fantastic is that they are affordable, genuine, and customizable.

Enjoy making your bag for gifts, and make someone happy.

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  • No tool needed


  • A4 paper
  • Glue
  • A ribbon or another decorative add-on
  • Clear tape
Step 1

Shape the Paper Into a Box


Lay a paper in front of you. A stiff paper is good as it would make a stronger gift bag. It doesn't have to be a white paper as there are construction papers of different colors.


Fold the paper lengthwise to the left. Make sure that both sides are not exactly on top of each other. Leave a margin of about an inch, then crease the paper. This will be the adhesive part of the gift bag.


Fold it again like last time.


Unfold the paper. And you should have five rectangular sections. By doing the previous steps you have paved the way to make a square tube.


Form the paper into a square tube. And use the little space on the right side to secure the tube. You can do that by adding glue to that part of the paper, and wait for the glue to dry after.


After waiting for a minute or so, let the paper stand on its own. It's easier to do this before doing the next fold.


Then squeeze the paper tube. Flatten it so your paper tube will look like the image above. Great job! Your paper tube will turn into a paper gift bag in no time.

Step 2

Make the Bottom Part of the Bag - Part 1


You might be when do make the tube a bag already? Wait no more, in this part we are going to make some folds that will enable us to make the bag's bottom part. This is a lengthy process so we divided the step into two parts.


Fold the right and left bottom corners to the middle.


Fold the bottom tip up and crease the fold of the tip well.


After you creased the folds well, so that they are clearly visible, unfold the paper plate bag.


Then flip the paper over and work that side. That is, you must then fold the bottom corners to the middle. Start to unfold it after.


And then finish by unfolding the paper.

Step 3

Secure the Bottom Base


This step will focus on creating the bottom base. The first thing that you got to do is open up the paper and make it stand upright. The part of the paper that we did the previous folds should be closest to the ceiling.


Pull the middle point of both sides so that it will turn into something like the image above. Because of the crease marks made previously the paper will naturally form into that shape you want.


This is what the paper should be like in aerial. Take note of the left and right points.


Now, fold the left and right points towards the middle. Be gentle so as not to damage the paper bag. Also, secure the bottom by applying glue to the middle.


Hooray! The bag's bottom is secured, and ready to carry to some weight. There's still a little bit of work to be done but you are close to finishing the bag.

Step 4

Make the Flap of the Paper Bag


For this final step, the goal is to create a flap that will open and close.


You could create the flap however you want. Try to brainstorm some ideas you could implement in this craft. In this example though, a washi tape and a decorative flower were used.

how_to_make_your_own_gift_bag_step_22 how_to_make_your_own_gift_bag_step_fInished

Fold the paper bag in half from top bottom. Then put the flower in the center of the bottom part of the flap, and you are finished. Great job!

The pictures above show a paper gift bag. We hope you had fun making this craft. Remember that we have plenty of fun tutorials on crafts for kids so be sure to check them out.

Extra Tips

  • There's a lot of decorative materials that you could incorporate in this craft. So be creative, and let your ideas shine forth!
  • You could place a rectangular cardboard inside the gift bag before placing your gifts.
  • Another great addition is to make a short, and sweet letter to the receiver. Whoever gets your gift bag will surely have their heart warmed by your thoughtfulness.
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