Origami Boxes


Learn Different Ways To Make Different Boxes With A Piece of Paper

Make Origami Boxes for Gifts & Trinkets.
What is one of the most popular Origami?
There are a lot of things you can make out of paper. Be it animals, vehicles, or a plant. One of the most popular ones is origami boxes. There are so many ways to make a paper box. Knowing how to fold a piece of paper properly without using glue can be a big help when needed!
To make things easier for you, we have provided you with various box origami tutorials that you can check out here! From an easy and simple rectangle box to a unique triangular one, we have different kinds of boxes that you can make. Suited for all ages, we have various origami tutorials suited for your skill level. Learning how to make a box from a piece of paper can be handy one day. It is also a great craft activity that kids can learn.
Each step has clear and concise illustrations. Each of them is hand-drawn so that kids and adults would not have a hard time. Now grab your paper and let’s start making boxes!

What is so important about origami?

Learning this craft is so great because you can create various things with a piece of paper. What’s great about this folding method is that you only need the various instructions we have prepared for you and your imagination to make something useful!
Crafts such as origami help in stress relief. It has a relaxing effect when you fold a piece of paper into a sculpture.
 What can you do with these origami boxes?
Learning how to make paper boxes is such a handy skill! Here are some ideas on what you can do:
1. Turn it into a gift box
2. Transform it into a jewelry box
3. Store your candies on it
4. Turn it into an organizer for small pins and paperclips

How do you make an origami box?

The first step is to choose what paper you want for the box. Box origami is usually made out of square piece paper. It best to use thick sturdy paper so that it doesn’t tear and so that it can stay put when folded into a box

How do you make your origami box better?

  • Nowadays, there are different kinds of paper to choose from. To make your box unique and special, try to use different types of paper. There are even some craft stores that sell paper with beautiful patterns defined for special occasions.
  • Use a themed designed paper if you’re planning to use it as a gift box. Try something bright and playful for birthdays. For weddings, go for white with intricate designs.
  • You may even use recycled paper such as newspapers or old magazines to not waste paper to make your box.
  • So many paper materials to choose from, from something textured to something glossy. Experiment with various materials to make your one-of-kind box.

Have fun Folding!

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