How to Make an Origami Star Box


How to Make an Origami Star Box


Origami boxes are great paper crafts to make for storing small trinkets such as candies and small accessories. In this instruction, we’re going to make an origami star box. This 4 pointed star shaped box is a bit tricky to make, but this step by step instruction will guide you on how to make it. Once finished, you may use it as a décor on your table for  storing small stuff like paper clips or you can make it into a gift box.

Make the star box sturdy by using a thick piece of paper. You may use a single sided colored paper such as the paper illustrated below to follow the instructions better.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How to fold an Origami Star Box - Step 01

Get a square piece of origami paper. Face the colored side upward and then  fold the paper diagonally along the dashed line. Crease the paper well and unfold.

How to fold an Origami Star Box - Step 02

The second step is to make crease marks horizontally and vertically. Mountain fold the paper crosswise and lengthwise in half. Crease well and unfold.

How to fold an Origami Star Box - Step 03

Carefully collapse the paper along the crease lines made. See the next step on how to make it into a square with ease.

Bring the top right corner and the bottom left corner together.

Keep on collapsing the origami until it looks like the left image. It will also help if you bring the top left and bottom right corners together. Once the origami looks like the left image, flatten it to form a square. This is the square base. Now rotate it into a diamond like the right image.

Rotate the paper 180 degrees counter clockwise as shown.

Fold the left and right corner of the  outer flap to the center. Make sure to fold the outer layer ONLY.

Repeat step 7 at the back side. of the origami paper.

Fold each flap of the outer layer up towards the outer edge of the model and crease well.

Pry open the inside of the flaps you made in step 9 and make a squash fold. Once squashed, the origami paper should look like the right image.

Tuck the flaps inside. Make sure to tuck (mountain fold) the outer flaps ONLY along the dashed lines

Repeat steps 9 and 11 on the back side of the origami paper.

 Fold along the dashed lines as shown. Crease the paper well and unfold.

Push the bottom part upward to make the base of the box. See the next step on how it should look like after.

Almost done! Fold each of the top corners downward.

How to fold an Origami Star Box ThumbnailYour origami star box is done! You can put small trinkets inside or make it as a gift box if you like.

Experiment with different sizes of paper and different methods to make boxes.

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