Easy Money Origami Star Instructions


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Easy Money Origami Star Instructions


Challenge yourself with this intricate dollar bill origami. You will be making a five-pointed star origami using five pieces of dollar bills for this activity.  You will need five-dollar bill pieces because a piece of a dollar bill is one segment of this origami star.

If you don’t have any dollar bills on hand, you may use any rectangular piece of paper. The downside of not using a dollar bill is that the finished origami star’s proportions will be slightly different from the illustration above. However, this can be fixed by using a rectangular piece of paper with a ratio of 1:2.35.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this tutorial.

Step 1

Make Creases and Fold the Right Edge


Welcome to our origami money star guide. The first step is to get a dollar bill of your choice then find a flat surface wherein you could begin folding the bill. Then make a horizontal crease mark by folding the bill in half crosswise and unfolding after.


Fold the left t edge towards the middle. You could use another paper but you have to make sure that the length to width ratio is the same with the dollar bill.


Make 2 vertical crease mark by folding the dollar bill in half and then folding 1/4 from the left side. Crease it well.


Then unfold the dollar bill.


Bring the corners of the right side of the dollar bill to the middle crease made in the first step.


Bring the right corner to the closest vertical crease line.


Flip the dollar bill to the other side.


Bring the right corners to the horizontal crease line. Fold it along the dashed lines as shown.

Step 2

Make the Parts of the Money Star


Bring the top and bottom corners to the horizontal crease line. Diagonally fold the corners towards the middle.


Turn the dollar bill to the other side again. And you should have something like in the image above at this point.


Insert left side to the “pocket” of the right side.


Again, fold the left edge again to the “pockets”. The left part of the dollar bill will be the “legs” of each segment. It will used to connect each of the five segments together to form the dollar bill origami star.


To make it slimmer, fold the “legs” once to the right and then secure it to the pockets.


Get a pair of clothes peg. Then fold the legs again towards the pocket.


You would want the legs secured and that is why you will have to use the pegs.


Secure the left and right legs like so. Great job so far! Now what you'll need to do is make five more of these and combine them.

Step 3

Combine the Parts of Origami Money Star


Make four other origamis that is the same with the last one you made.


Arrange them in a pattern similar to the picture above.


It doesn't matter which star you connect first as long as you connect them all properly.


Secure two parts together. In this example, it was done by inserting the left leg of segment to the right pocket of another.


Then connect the other two parts.


Insert the final segment by connecting the legs to the adjacent pockets. Insert one leg to a pocket,


Then insert the leg of a part into the pocket of the last origami.


Lastly, flip it to the other side.


Congratulations! Your dollar bill origami star is done. For more cool dollar bill fold instruction, check out the suggested articles below.

Extra Tips

  • This tutorial will always be here so you could come back in case you forget a step. And if you're stuck with a particular step just drop a comment down below - we'll help ASAP.
  • Remember to wash your dollar bills first before folding! Stay on the safe side by cleaning the paper/s first.
  • You can iron your bills so to get rid of unwanted creases. This also makes the paper more presentable later on.
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  1. Awesome star fold! didn’t know you could make it with dollar bills.

  2. thank you for sharing this guide. Now I have an idea about what prizes i can give 🥳

  3. 😩 i suck at folding

  4. wonderful guide. Me and my sister been visiting your site often because it keeps us entertained.

    • Good for you kids. You should all explore crafts and other hobbies aside from staring at screens all day


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