Origami Vehicles


Create Awesome Boats and Cars Using a Piece of Paper

Learn how to make different kinds of origami vehicles with our tutorials!

Kids love cars! why not create various action-packed vehicles using a piece of paper with them. There are so many ways to make origami cars, boats, and planes, easily, with our simple instructions. Find out how you can make fun types of origami vehicles with help from our directions. Knowing how to fold a paper nicely without using any adhesive can be a handy skill when needed!

From cars to trucks to boats, we have different kinds of paper vehicles that you and the kids can learn. Suited for everyone and anyone, we have a wide array of origami tutorials suited for any skill level. Learning how to make various kinds of cars from a piece of paper is an awesome skill that can be used to decorate your surroundings, make other DIY  crafts, or give us a present. It is also a great craft activity that kids can have a fun time doing while developing their creativity and motor skills.

To make things easier for you, each step has clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Each step has hand-drawn illustrations so that kids and adults would not have a hard time following. Now grab your paper and let’s start creating some cool boats and cars!

What is so important about origami?

Learning this craft is so great because you can create various things with a piece of paper. With the help of our tutorials and your creativity, you can create something stunning! From turning an easy van to a simple boat to a cool car, anything is possible with paper. It is an awesome skill that adults and children can benefit from emotionally and creatively. Paper crafts such as origami also provide good stress relief. It has a calming effect when you fold a piece of paper into a pattern form.

What can you do with these origami cars and boats?

You can make a lot of cool DIY crafts with your kids using origami vehicles! Here are some ideas on what you can do with these fishes:

1. Make an awesome birthday card by sticking an awesome origami on it
2. Make cool car puppets by sticking a popsicle stick at the back of your origami
3. Race with your friends by making paper cars

How to make an origami vehicle?

The first step is to choose what paper you want for your paper car or boat. The origami tutorials we have made for you require a square piece of paper. It best to use thick sturdy paper so that the car/boat stays put when made. Also, so that it is durable enough to be given as a gift or put on display.

Don’t Know Where to Start? Here are some ideas for beginners:



Have fun folding!

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