Easy Paper Jet – Step by Step Tutorial with Diagrams

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Easy Paper Jet – Step by Step Tutorial with Diagrams


Make a basic dart airplane with an easy-to-follow tutorial below. What’s great about this paper dart airplane is that it’s extremely fast thanks to its sleek shape. The large central body of the aircraft gives the paper plane more stability in flight. This makes the paper plane fly very far in a straight line even at a high speed. Now let’s start folding!

Step 1

Make a Triangle on One Side of the Paper

Easy paper jet - 01

Fold the paper crosswise in half.

Easy paper jet - 02

Crease it well and then unfold.

Easy paper jet - 03

Bring the left corners to the center crease line.

Step 2

Make the Body of the Easy Jet

Easy paper jet - 04

Diagonally fold the right top and bottom corners towards the middle crease.

Easy paper jet - 05

Bring the top corner to the middle crease.

Easy paper jet - 06

Repeat the previous step on the bottom corner of the paper plane.

Step 3

Make the Wings and Finish the Airplane

Easy paper jet - 07

Make the winglets of the paper plane by folding the inner corners of the right layer outward.

Easy paper jet - 08

Fold the upper side of the paper plane to the bottom side.

Easy paper jet - 09

Bring a large portion of the top layer to the right.

Easy paper jet - 10

Mountain fold a big portion of the bottom layer to the back.

Easy paper jet - 11

Flare out the wings of the plane at a 90-degree angle.

Your paper plane is now done! Pay attention to how you throw this plane. You’re supposed to throw the plane upwards at a slight angle and let the paper jet glide. Once you have flown it in the air, you will see that the jet flies faster than the other paper planes.

Extra Tips

  • If you want to fly your paper airplane outside, then try this:Use a long strip of scotch tape and stick it under the fuselage of the paper airplane.
  • Paint your plane with cool details like stars on the wings, a flight number plate, and a cockpit.
  • If you want your paper airplane to fly even better, use another strip of scotch tape. Connect both wings with the strip so that they stay together in flight. If the wings stop falling apart, the air resistance is lower, and the arrow flies faster through the air.
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