Paper Napkin Folding

Learn How to Embellish the Table with a Piece of Paper

Know various paper napkin folding for your decorative table setting.

How do you fold paper napkins?

Folding a napkin made out of paper is like folding origami. By just twisting and folding, you can mold a paper napkin into an astonishing centerpiece fit for any dining table.

We would like you to have a fun and creative way to learn various crafting techniques which is why we have put together these various napkin folding tutorials on our website for you to learn and discover. So that you can follow each step properly, we made sure that each step has pictures for you to be guided accordingly. That way,  you will not have a hard time following the folding instructions. Now grab your napkin and let’s start folding!

What is the purpose of folding napkins?

The practical use of napkins is to wipe any crumbs or food stains from the mouth or fingers. Besides practical purposes, they are great to be molded into various figures to make the table setting and ambiance more decorative.

What are the advantages of using paper in napkin folding?

  • Availability: You can find paper napkins almost everywhere especially in fast-food restaurants. They come in various colors and printed designs in most supermarkets and party supplies stores.  If you want to practice and learn various folding techniques, a paper napkin is a great way to start.
  • Affordability: Most paper napkins are not as pricy as cloth napkins. Linens and cotton can be a bit expensive especially when you buy them individually. If you’re not into splurging a cloth table napkin yet or there are too many guests to buy cloth napkins for each of them, you can use a paper one.
  • Good for the Environment: Are paper napkins eco-friendly? Yes! They are biodegradable and can be put in the compost after.
  • Fresh and New Every Time:  Paper napkin usually comes in a pack. They are disposable and only meant for single use. No more worries about using someone else’s napkin!
  • Promotional Purposes: You can use napkins to promote your brands (usually in the food industry). This is why most restaurants stamp their logo on a paper napkin
  • Aesthetical Purposes:  Paper is such a versatile material. Fold it however you like to make stunning art pieces.

What is the difference between serviettes and napkins?

In some countries, serviette is usually used to refer to the paper variety of a table napkin. The term napkin refers to the cloth variety.

What can you do with paper napkins?

If you’re a beginner who wants to get into napkin folding or a person wants to put something decorative on their dining table, here are some easy ideas:

We hope you find have a great time discovering various ways to fold a paper elegantly.
Happy A Wonderful Time!
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