A Guide on How to Make a Fancy Polo Napkin T Shirt with Collar

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A Guide on How to Make a Fancy Polo Napkin T Shirt with Collar


Make a cute statement in your table setting with this polo t-shirt napkin. It may look challenging to fold, but it is actually easy. There are a lot of folding procedures to make this so it’s best to use a paper napkin rather than a cloth one. This shirt napkin is suited for occasions such as children’s birthdays, parties, or similar occasions.

You’ll first start by forming the main body of the napkin shirt. Then you’ll proceed to make the sleeves and collar. Try it yourself and make this eye-catching piece!

Step 1

Fold the t-shirt napkin into a smaller napkin

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 01

Lay a square napkin flat in front of you on a table you are comfortable with. You can use a cloth napkin though a paper napkin would be more preferable.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 02

Fold the lower right corner of the table napkin towards the middle.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 03

Repeat the previous step on the other corners as well. Fold all the remaining corners towards the middle.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 04

Orientate the napkin into a square. In the picture above, the napkin got rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

Step 2

Make the rectangular base of the fancy napkin shirt

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 05

Fold the left edge towards the middle.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 06

Do same for the right edge as well. The napkin should now look like a triangle.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 07

Flip the napkin to the other side.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 08

Bring a portion of the bottom edge towards the top. This will be the collar of the fancy napkin shirt.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 09

Then flip the napkin over again before proceeding to the next set of steps.

Step 3

Form the collar and sleeves of the fancy napkin shirt

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 10

Fold the top right corner to the middle. Doing so would create the right side collar.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 11

Do the same for the left side as well to complete the collar of the shirt napkin.

Fancy Napkin Folding (Shirt) - 12

To make the sleeves, fold the lower part of the right flap upwards in a diagonal direction.


Then proceed with the left. Make another sleeve on the left side.


Lastly, tuck the top layer to the collar of the shirt napkin. This will secure your napkin in place.

Your shirt is now ready! It’s best to put the napkin T-shirt in the middle of the plate so that it’s the center décor. If this is not possible for you because the space has been occupied, just put it in the left or right corner.

Extra Tips

  • It is preferable to use paper napkins. A thick napkin cannot fold the shirt's collar and sleeve nicely. You could try to use thinner cloth napkins if you have one available.
  • Have fun while folding but make sure that all your napkins are folded nicely.
  • Check out some of our other napkin guides. Perhaps there is one that you think your guests would like fancy.
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  1. I love this napkin fold – my husband owns a small cloth factory in mexico, guess what what we used for our annual gathering??

  2. Easy and fast though it’s not to my taste as i soon found after folding my napkin. I used cloth so that might be a contributing factor


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