Table Napkin Folding Pyramid Tutorial


Table Napkin Folding Pyramid Tutorial


Known for its simplistic elegance, this pyramid napkin is especially suitable for weddings, but also for birthdays! What’s great about this napkin is that’s is effortless to do that you can fold many napkins for your guests in a short time. Also, If you don’t have a cloth napkin then this pyramid can be folded with paper napkins as well as with cloth napkins!

Difficulty Level: Easy


Unfold the napkin and place it in front of you as follows.

Table Nakpin Folding Pyramid - 01

Now bring the bottom corner to the top corner.

Table Nakpin Folding Pyramid - 02

Next, you have to take the left and right corners to the  the top of the napkin.

Table Nakpin Folding Pyramid - 03
Table Nakpin Folding Pyramid - 04

Turn the napkin over to the other side.

Then, you have to fold it in half horizontally. Make sure that both sides are equal.

Table Nakpin Folding Pyramid - 05

In order to complete the pyramid you only have to fold the napkin in half vertically.

Table Nakpin Folding Pyramid - 06

Flare it out slightly, and set it on a flat surface.

Table Nakpin Folding Pyramid - 07

Place the pyramid in the middle of the plate and tilt it a little. The closed side should be directed away from the viewer.

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