Christmas napkin folding

Ring in the Season by Turning your Dining Table into Something Festive

Create beautiful Christmas napkin foldings fit for the Holiday Season!

How do you fold cloth napkins for Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner and what a great way to level up any table setting is learning how to fold napkins nicely. To make these napkins is easy. Just read our guidelines below and follow the tutorial we have made for you to gain more insights regarding Christmas Napkin Folding!

What are table napkin folding and its importance?

A napkin is a folded piece of cloth or tissue used to wipe any crumbs from the mouth or fingers. Knowing how to fold a napkin is an elegant way to transform any table setting into something beautiful. Especially when used in special events such as Christmas,  learning proper folding techniques can up any dining experience to the next level as it welcomes everyone to their meal. Similar to paper folding (origami), you can transform a napkin by twisting, turning, and folding in any direction to make a stunning art piece.

We’d love to make your Christmas extra special! This is why we have put together various napkin folding tutorials fit for the Yuletide Season. Each of our napkin tutorials has detailed images so that you can clearly follow each step properly. Be it a fancy or casual Christmas reunion with friends and family, we have variations of napkin folds fit for your festive event. Now grab your napkin and let’s start folding!

What is the purpose of folding napkins?

Napkin folding is used primarily for practical and aesthetic purposes. In any dining event such as Christmas dinner/lunch. It is the best way to use to wipe off crumbs from eating as well as provide a pop of festivity to any dining table/event. If you’re not into table setting then that’s fine. Napkin folding is a type of craft that you can learn to ease off some stress and develop your creativity.

What are the types of napkins you need for folding?

There are many types of napkins that you can use for your holiday table setting. Depending on the size, color, design, or material you will be choosing, it will affect how it would look aesthetically on your dining table. Here are two types of napkins you can use for your next holiday get-together.

Square Cloth Napkin   

For the tutorials, we have used a red square napkin so that you can follow the instructions easily. Using a cloth napkin is a fancy way to add beauty to any Christmas dinner. We recommend using red or green napkins for that added festive touch. You can keep it elegant by using white cloth with some gold/silver trimmings.

Paper Napkin

Tissue napkins are great if you want something casual for the holidays or if you’re not into splurging on cloth napkins. As tissue is more stiff compared to cloth you can also use our origami tutorials to form any sculpture you want using paper napkins. Great for Christmas parties, we recommend using printed tissue paper with Christmas designed.

We hope we made your Christmas more creative and meaningful through napkin folding.
Happy Fun!
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