Folding a Pendant Napkin in 2 min | An Easy and Simple Guide


2 Mins


Folding a Pendant Napkin in 2 min | An Easy and Simple Guide


The napkin fold is elegant. It has sharp lines and can accentuate the beauty of your silverware. It’s job is to elevate the appearance of your table setting.

In our guide, we will show you how to do the fold so you can use it at your parties, dinner dates, or whatever special occasion.

This instruction would take you around one to two minutes.

Also, even if you aren’t planning on learning the pendant fold this instruction will still give you a lot of fun. Read on to learn the pendant napkin fold. It’s easy to do, and you can do this in less than two minutes.

Step 1

Make Top and Bottom Triangles


Your first step is to lay the napkin in front of you as shown in the image above. You then fold the napkin in half lengthwise.


The next step is to fold the top right corner into the middle. The goal is to make a triangle shape on the top and bottom parts of this napkin.


To complete the triangle, fold the left corner to the middle.


Repeat the last two steps but this time work on the bottom side of the napkin.


Good job. Our next objective is to make a square shape out of the napkin. So, fold the bottom corner upwards

Step 2

Make a Square Shape by folding the Top and Left Corners


After folding the bottom corner towards the top you would then fold the top corner.


Flip the napkin to the other side as we will be working on the backside for the next steps.


Great job. We are almost done with out napkin fold.

Step 3

Finish the Pendant Napkin Fold


Fold the top right corner into the middle of the napkin.


You must then fold the other top corner into the middle.


The last step is to flip it over. You could use this type of fold to insert your elegant spoon and fork/knife. Alternatively, like in this example, you could then slip in a beautiful flower into the middle under the flaps.


Congratulations! You can now use this napkin to elevate the elegance of your table setting and it can definitely highlight your silverware.

Extra Tips

  • Ironing is not required but doing so after each step is a good idea as it will make the napkin crispier.
  • Be sure to remember whenever you forget how to fold a napkin.
  • Napkin folds are plenty and varied. And we have lots of napkin folding instructions so kindly check out our other napkin folding articles!
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