Napkin Folding Rose Instructions with Pictures


Napkin Folding Rose Instructions with Pictures


The rose is one of the most beautiful napkins folding techniques there is. Your guests will truly appreciate how you put a lot of effort into folding this napkin on the dining table. Because of its complexity, the flower napkin is ideal for occasions where the number of guests is small. I recommend this napkin for occasions such as Christmas and birthdays, as the workload is greater with many roses than needs to be folded.

Difficulty Level: Easy


First, unfold the napkin and lay it in front of you as follows.

Napkin Folding Rose-01

Bring the top right corner to the center.

Napkin Folding Rose-02

Now fold the other corners of the napkin towards the center.

Napkin Folding Rose-03
Napkin Folding Rose-04

Now make a smaller square by folding all the corners to the center again.

Napkin Folding Rose-05

Then, fold all the corners a third time towards the center of the napkin.

Napkin Folding Rose-06
Napkin Folding Rose-07

Turn the napkin over.

Napkin Folding Rose-08

Fold all the four corners one more time to center.

Napkin Folding Rose-09

Then turn the napkin over to the other side.

Napkin Folding Rose-11

Pull the corners of the first layer out of the middle over the outer corners (see pictures).

Napkin Folding Rose-12
Napkin Folding Rose-13

Press open the gap in the first sheet a little.

Napkin Folding Rose-14

Unfold the other leaves of the rose as you did the first leaf.

Napkin Folding Rose-15

Turn the napkin over.

Napkin Folding Rose-16

Now fold the second layer outwards. This is how the next four leaves of the rose are created.

Napkin Folding Rose-17

The rose should now contract more and become rounder.

Napkin Folding Rose-18
Napkin Folding Rose-19
Napkin Folding Rose-20

In the last step, you now fold the last layer from the middle of the napkin outwards.

Napkin Folding Rose-21
Napkin Folding Rose-22
Napkin Folding Rose-23

Tighten the napkin a little and your folded rose is ready. It is best to place this napkin in the middle of the plate. If there is not enough space, it can also put it in one of the upper corners of the respective square.

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