Easter Napkin Folding Instructions | Bunny Napkin Fold

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Easter Napkin Folding Instructions | Bunny Napkin Fold


Make great festive decor on any dining table with this cute bunny napkin. What’s great about this napkin folding is that it fits perfectly into any table setting especially during the Easter Season. Kids would surely adore the bunny fold too!

The rabbit napkin fold takes about a minute to make and is moderately hard to do. But overall, a beginner can make this fold without breaking a sweat.

I myself both use the rabbit as a napkin and as a decoration in the Easter basket, simply because this rabbit is such a beautiful piece. Grab a cloth or paper napkin and let’s start folding!

Step 1

Fold the base of the easter napkin Into a house


Welcome to the bunny napkin guide! Your first step is to lay a square napkin in front of you on a table.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 01

Then fold the napkin crosswise by bringing the bottom edge towards the upper edge.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 02

Then bring the top edge towards the bottom. But fold towards the back and not in front.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 03

Now, in order to make these steps easier to remember you could think of the first set of steps as folding a house. Bring the right edge towards the bottom middle.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 04

Then do the same for the left edge. As you can see, your napkin looks like a simple house. Good job so far! Now, it's time to move to the next steps.

Step 2

Fold the Easter napkin into a square mail

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 05

Then, rotate it 180 degrees counter-clockwise.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 06

Fold the top left corner towards the middle.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 07

Repeat the previous step. Fold the right corner again to the center. Nice work, see how the napkin resembles a classic mail?

Step 3

Make the Ears and Head

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 08

Fold the right corner towards the middle.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 09

Then do the same for the left corner. Symmetry is important. So, make sure that both ears have the same size.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 10

Then turn the napkin into the other side and bring the bottom tip upwards.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 11

Mountain fold it in half vertically.

Easter Bunny Napkin Folding - 12

Now all you have to do is loosen the napkin a little and shape the ears of the rabbit. The perfect Easter decoration for your table is ready. Since the Easter bunny is on the small side, you may place it in the center of your dinner plate or on a smaller plate such as the dessert or bread and butter plate.

Extra Tips

  • Iron and/or starch the napkin first for better looks and workability.
  • Have fun when you are learning and folding napkins. It can be a rewarding experience despite a few hiccups.
  • This is an easy and vibrant-looking fold. Remember though that execution is important so stay focused when you are trying to make many bunny napkins.
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