Cool Paper Airplanes


Be the Cool Kid On The Block With Some Awesome Paper Planes

Learn cool paper airplanes that you can make here! 

We have all made paper planes as a kid, right? Why not make some better and cooler planes?

You can level up a  simple paper plane by altering the basic fold of the paper. Here you’ll learn various methods on how to fold a paper into a cooler plane. Learning how to create and fly a paper aircraft can help people learn the concepts of airplane motion by just flying paper planes!

What is so cool about paper airplanes?

When the four forces of drag, gravity, thrust, and lift are balanced and controlled, a plane can indeed fly for a lengthy moment!  Drag is the resistance to moving through the air. Whereas gravity is the force to the ground, a paper aircraft must also withstand in order to have a long flight. Furthermore, thrust is the forward momentum of the plane generated from an individual as the paper airplane is released. Lastly, Lift is this pressure difference that occurs under its wings, which allows the paper aircraft to travel.

Pretty cool, right?

How to make a cool paper airplane?

Here on our website, you will learn various ways on how to make a super cool plane. Each tutorial has simple instructions that are easy to understand by kids and adults.

What’s the best material to use to make a paper airplane?

Just a sheet of paper is enough to create your ideal paper airplane! A4 paper size is recommended while creating your own paper plane, along with glue or tape to better integrate the parts of your airplane.

How to make your plane cooler:

  • If you want to add some color to the plane, use poster paint, acrylic paint, or watercolor to paint the papercraft. Paint it however you like. Replicate what a fighter jet looks like or create a funky pattern by painting on the plane.
  • An easier way to make the cooler version of a plane is by using a colored piece of paper to make the plane.
  • Use some markers and crayons to decorate the small details of the plane.
  • An eco-friendly alternative to decorating your plane is by using buttons, glitters, and cut-outs to decorate it.
  • Bring your plane to life by drawing it a face or sticking some googly eyes.

Here’s a cool tip: To ensure the paper plane is durable enough to withstand a number of throws, apply glue or tape in order to hold the pieces of the plane together. This creates a much smoother and stable flight.

Congratulations, you can now make a cool paper plane!

We hope you have a good time creating these paper airplanes. Have a wonderful paper crafting day!

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