How to Make an Origami Kimono 12 steps


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How to Make an Origami Kimono 12 steps


If you’re exploring various cultures, then this dollar bill origami may be right for you. Inspired by Japan’s traditional clothing, a kimono is an elegant T-shaped garment that is still worn and depicted in various art forms. One way is by forming the distinct shape of the kimono from a piece of a dollar bill.

You could still use another type of paper but the ratio of the dimensions must be the same as the dollar bill. If the ratio of the length to the width is off, then your rectangular piece of paper is not suitable.

Anyways, have fun learning how to make the origami kimono!

Step 1

Divide the Paper into 3 Parts


The first thing you need to do is to prepare your dollar bill by washing and ironing it. Then find a flat surface like a table to start folding. Orient the rectangular piece of paper in portrait.


Then fold 1/3 of the bottom part upwards.


Flip the dollar bill to the other sides.


Then fold 1/3 of the upper part towards the middle.


Flip the paper over again. At this point, the bill is divided into three parts. Good job - this kimono is on a fast track to be completed.

Step 2

Make the Collar of the Kimono


Fold the top right corner towards the middle. Only do so for the top layer.


Then do the same for the left corner.


This part can be a bit tricky. Bring the right edge of the middle layer to the center. Make sure to lift the middle layer of the dollar bill ONLY.


Once you have lifted the middle layer on the right side, squash down the top right corner part. It should now look like some form of collar once squashed.


Do the exact steps for the left side to create the left collar. Nice job, and it's time for the last steps.

Step 3

Make the Sleeves of the Kimono Origami


Turn the paper so you could work on the other side.


Bring the top part downwards. Fold about 2/3 up from the bottom.


This is what your kimono dollar bill should look like if you flip it over.


Make the sleeves of the kimono. Flip the paper so you could work on the back side of the shirt and bring the bottom edge towards the top.


Lastly, flip the dollar bill to the other side. Congratulations! Your kimono origami is done. Check out our other cool dollar origami guides below, and don't forget to drop us a comment.

Extra Tips

  • Wash the bills first to avoid bacteria or viruses.
  • Iron the bills to make it crisp and nice.
  • Be sure to apply enough pressure when making crease lines.
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  1. wow, this looks really beautiful

  2. Imma give this to them waiters at a my local japanese resto

    • if you’re giving tips then it must mean you are old… why are u learning origami bro

  3. My kimono looked okay – thanks for the quick guide 🙂

  4. nice! origami never ceases to amaze me


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