How to Make a Origami Ninja Star Using 2 Dollar Bills

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How to Make a Origami Ninja Star Using 2 Dollar Bills


A fantastic craft would be making a paper ninja star or shuriken using a dollar bill. You will only need two pieces of a dollar bill, and you can have a superb paper star that you can throw around.

Folding shurikens is common but it’s not often you get to see a dollar bill folded into a ninja star. So, if you want to give an awesome tip you could fold your bill into one.

It might be tricky to get it right if this is your first time making one. But we will do our best to make it short and simple. Have fun folding your ninja star!

Step 1

Make a strip from dollar bills to form the base of the origami shuriken


Get two dollar bills and find a nice flat surface where you could fold a ninja star. Make sure they are clean and crisp.


Fold the dollar bill lengthwise in half first. Once folded, make a crease line in the middle of each strips by folding and unfolding the paper crosswise in half.


Diagonally fold the bottom edge towards the outside. The diagonal should be folded at a 45-degree angle starting from the crease line. Make sure to fold the left strip to the left side and then fold the right strip diagonally to the right side. You would then have something like the picture above.


Then do the same for the upper edge. But this time the edges should be facing each other like in the picture.

Once you've done so, fold along the dashed line as shown in the picture above.

Step 2

Stack the units to form the shape of the ninja star


Mountain fold the top and bottom flaps parts of each dollar bill. See the dashed lines illustrated above for guide.


Use the image above as guide. this should make each of unit of the dollar bill smaller (and pointier).


Rotate the right dollar bill 45 degree clockwise. Use the image above as guide.


Your next step is to place the RIGHT dollar bill on top of the other.


This is what your paper ninja star should look like right now. Good job! We can now bind them together in the next step.

Step 3

Connect each units of the four pointed star together.


There should be 4 segments (A, B, C & D) that you need to insert into the “pockets” of the dollar bills. Insert the B segment (yellow triangle) first in one of the pockets. Follow the direction of the arrow to know where to insert it.


Next is to insert the D segment (yellow triangle) second in one of the pockets.

How to Make an Origami Ninja Star- Step 12

The dollar star should now look something like this. Flip it over to the other side.


Insert the top and bottom segments (yellow triangle) into the pockets of the dollar bill. Follow the directions of the arrow to know where to insert each segment. Start with the bottom one (C).


Lastly, insert the last segment (A) to the pocket below it.


The image above is what your paper ninja star should look like. Make sure to secure each segment (A, B, C & D) tightly inside each of their respective pockets so they won't unfold quickly.


You have now finished creating a ninja star out of a dollar (or rectangular paper). For more cool dollar origamis, check out the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • Don't have a dollar bill on hand? No worries! You can use any paper bill currency you have or available in your country. What's great about most paper money is that it's durable to be folded and turned into anything.
  • Money does not tear easily but it is prone to get crumpled. Practice with fake money or a rectangular piece of paper first if you're planning to give the bill/s as a gift.
  • Remember, it is highly advisable that you should not cut, burn, staple, and/or iron banknotes. Handle it with care
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