Easy Napkin Folding

Learn Simple Ways to Level up Your Dining Table

Know how to make easy napkin folding with our tutorials

How do you make an easy table napkin?

Turning a simple table napkin into something stunning can be an easy feat through the tutorials we have in store for you. To make things easier for you, we have put together various napkin folding tutorials that are easy and fun to do. Each of our napkin tutorials has detailed pictures so that can help you follow each step properly. Be it for weddings, birthdays, or a simple get-together with friends and family, we have napkin fold techniques that you can learn easily. Now grab your napkin and let’s start folding!

What is the purpose of folding napkins?

The practical use of napkins is to wipe any crumbs from the mouth or fingers. Besides practical purposes, they are great to be folded into various shapes to make the table setting more presentable. Forming it into various figures or shapes levels up any dining table to something stunning.

What are the types of napkins you need for folding?

There are many types of napkins that you can use for your table setting. Depending on the size, color, design, or material you will be choosing, it will affect how it would look aesthetically on your dining table. Here are two types of napkins that you can use for the tutorials.

For beginners, we recommend…

Square Cloth Napkin   

A piece of square cloth made out of linen or cotton is the most common table napkin used. Cloth napkins are great as it is versatile enough to shape and form into almost any form. They come in various designs that will suit any theme of a dining table. For the tutorials, we have used a red square napkin so that you can follow the instructions easily.

Paper Napkin

Tissue napkins are great if you want something casual or if you’re not into splurging on a fancy cloth napkin. As it is partly made out of paper, the creases and folds are a lot more distinct and you can fold it like origami. You can also use our origami tutorials to form any sculpture you want using paper napkins.

What are the basic napkin folding techniques that I can learn as a beginner?

If you’re new, here are some ideas on where to start:

We hope you had an easy time on discovering new ways to fold a napkin.
Happy Fun Folding!
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