Striped Pillar Napkin Fold | Napkin In a Glass


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Striped Pillar Napkin Fold | Napkin In a Glass


Learning napkin folding, especially the uncommon ones, might present a problem for some depending on how close you are to the industry or relevant resource material. In this guide, however, you will learn how to fold a beautiful napkin fold that uses not one but two napkins.

And the striped pillar fold is put into a glass. Wonderful, right?

This is a moderately hard napkin to make but this guide comes with pictures and detailed steps so even a beginner can make it. Have fun reading this napkin fold guide!

Step 1

Place One Napkin On Top of the Other


In this napkin fold you will be making use of two napkins. A green and yellow napkin were used in this guide. Get your two square napkins of two different colors of your choice and find a flat surface where you could start folding.


Place the napkins in a way such that one corner is on top. Then fold the bottom corner towards the top corner.


Then, place the folded napkin, in this it's the yellow napkin,on top of the other napkin. The yellow napkin is slightly below the horizontal centerline of the other. Good job!

Step 2

Turn the Napkin


Fold the bottom corner of the green napkin towards the top. This is what your napkin should look like after folding the bottom corner.


And then fold the bottom edge towards the top. An inch from the bottom is more than enough when you do this fold.


Then flip the napkin around. Hooray! You are almost finished with making this fold.

Step 3

Roll to Make the Striped Pillar


For the last step, you will have to roll the napkin from right to left so that a pillar or tube is formed. Start by gently pulling the left side.


Then roll the napkin until there is only a little part left unrolled.


And put the napkin in a glass slowly. Make sure to orient it properly for aesthetic purposes. Good job! For more awesome napkin folds you might like check out the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • Iron the napkin first if you want it to look better.
  • Color combinations are important as they will make or break the table setting. Consider the theme and other factors.
  • Have fun learning how to fold the napkins - even if they are challenging at times.
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  1. It’s a nice napkin fold 😌

    • I agree that it looks alright, and I can see it as something as I would use but putting a napkin in a glass is kind of impractical. just my opinion

  2. i FOUND it a bit hard to make… wonder what i did wrong hehe

  3. Thanks for the guide, we made a ton of these for an event we hosted :), weww

  4. wonderful – am an HRM student


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