Wedding Napkin Folding

Greet your Guest with a Beautiful Wedding Tablescape Worth Remembering!


No wedding is complete without a beautiful wedding reception. This is why choosing the appropriate decorations for the party’s ambiance and table setting is very important because it affects the overall theme of the event. Putting some more thought on centerpieces, table linens and napkins can make a difference to any tablescape.

It is often disregarded how a simple piece of cloth is the one who greets your guest at a wedding reception table. It has to be elegant yet appropriate enough to match the theme of what you’re going for. This is why on our website. we have made various napkin tutorials for you to use on your big day. In here, you can learn various ways to elegantly twist and fold a serviette into something exquisite. To make things easier, each of our folding instructions has detailed pictures so that you can follow each step properly.

What is the purpose of folding napkins?

Besides making the wedding reception look pretty, here are the practical ways your guest (and yourself) can make use of a napkin.

  • A table napkin begins a meal and ends it
  • Keeps off crumbs  and food stains away from clothes
  • Use to wipe off crumbs from mouth
  • Can be used to contain cough and sneezes

What type of napkins to use in weddings?

There are many types of table napkins out there, here are some ideas on what table napkin you may use for your wedding.

Dinner Napkins

  • Cloth Napkin
    • Cloth as napkin has been used for centuries. We recommend using linen, cotton, or polyester because it’s durable and thick enough to be sculpted into anything. What’s great about the clothing material that we recommended is that it is very absorbent when it comes to stains. Also, great for the environment as it is washable and reusable.  Great for weddings as it comes in different colors to match any event.
  • Paper Napkin
    • A Paper napkin is another good option. Since it is made out of paper, it can be folded into intricate pieces like origami.  Paper napkins are great to use for weddings when you need to cater to a large group of guests. What’s great about paper napkins is that anything can be embellished or printed on them. For those who want a more personalized decor, then this option is great for you!


 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At A Wedding Reception

Folding a napkin into something elegant for the big day can be an easy feat! Here are some ideas on where you can start.

Want something quick and easy? Or do you need something fast to cater to a large group of guests?

Looking for something classic and elegant?

Want something challenging that will awe your guest?

We hope you learn new ways to elevate your table setting for the big day!

Happy A Wonderful Time!

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