Learn How to Make a Tree Napkin Fold in Just Seconds

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Learn How to Make a Tree Napkin Fold in Just Seconds


Welcome to the tree napkin folding instruction! You’ll be shown the step-by-step process of creating this quick and easy fold.  This cone napkin fold tutorial is one of the simplest ways to make a tree napkin. Which is why it makes a great serviettes tutorial for kids and beginners.

This is great for beginners as it matches any dining occasion and can be done easily in a matter of seconds.

You’ll need a square napkin that can either be cloth or paper. So sit back, grab that napkin, and then have fun learning the tree napkin fold!

Step 1

Shape the base of the tree napkin fold

Create an Easy Tree Napkin Fold -Step 01

Your first step is to lay a square napkin flat on a table. We chose a green colored napkin to resemble a tree.

Create an Easy Tree Napkin Fold -Step 02

Then, fold the napkin in half crosswise by bringing the top edge towards the bottom.

Step 2

Roll the napkin into a cone-shaped tree napkin fold

Create an Easy Tree Napkin Fold -Step 03

Now start to roll up the napkin from right to the left.

Create an Easy Tree Napkin Fold -Step 04

Now shape up into a cone like the image above.

Create an Easy Tree Napkin Fold -Finish

Adjust it a little and your tree napkin is done! What’s great and practical here is that the cone napkin unfolds directly when it is picked up. That way the guest can effortlessly unfold his napkin.

Extra Tips

  • Napkin not standing upright on the plate? Most likely it's because you're using a soft or thin piece of napkin. If you're using cloth, it's better to starch it first to make it stiff. You can also starch the cloth napkin by making your own mix of starch and water. Spray it evenly on a flat surface, then iron it with an ironing board. You can also get ready-made starch spray from the store or make your own by mixing equal parts starch and water in a bowl. Then evenly coat the napkin with the mixture on a flat surface until it dries entirely, being careful not to get any of it onto your hands before. For tissue napkins. use a thick piece of paper to make the tree napkin stand.
  • It is always a plus if you can present your guests with a table napkin that has been ironed first. Not only will it look nice, guests will feel like they're coming to the right place when they see this option. If you're in a pinch and are making food at home, you can use tissue paper napkins for this easy paper napkin folding tutorial.
  • This is an easy and quick fold to make. It's a good napkin fold to start as a beginner.
  • This would make an awesome napkin fold for Christmas! If you're interested to make a Christmas Napkin Tree, we have it here!
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    • regular reader here, they do make good guides. My experience with this fold was alright, i don’t particularly like this fold though


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