How to Make a Paper Plate Hippo | Fun Crafts for Kids

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How to Make a Paper Plate Hippo | Fun Crafts for Kids


Teach your kids how to make an amazing animal out of paper plates. Welcome to the paper plate hippo guide! In it, you could learn how to create a lovely looking river horse in less than an hour that you could use a mask, decoration, or toy.

The steps supplies and tools needed are common in most houses. Additionally, the whole process is fun and challenging enough for even some of the older kids. This is an art project that relies heavily on cutting and painting.

So make sure to give your little ones some pointers on how to cut and paint properly! We hope that you would enjoy making the hippo craft and find the instruction helpful.

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  • Poster paints (red, yellow, and black)
  • Brush
  • Pencil


  • 2 Paper plate
  • Poster paints (red, yellow, and black)
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
Step 1

Form the Hippo Head

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 1

Welcome to the paper plate hippo craft instruction! Your first step is to get a paper plate and find a comfortable work space.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 2

Fold the paper plate in half. Your goal for this section is to make a hippo's head shape. You will be then cutting a part out of the paper plate but first take note at the dashed lines above.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 3

After folding it in half and taking a close look at the previous picture, cut the paper plate along the dashed lines. Of course, you could use a pencil to trace the dashed lines if you prefer.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 4

Unfold the paper plate. And there you have it, a hippo head. There's still a lot of things you need to do in order to finish this craft but no worries you got this!

Step 2

Make the Ears and Tusks

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 5

Your hippo will feature cute ears and friendly canines. In order to make them, you must get another paper plate. You will then fold it in half.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 6

After folding the paper plate in half lengthwise, you should copy the drawings above in your paper plate. Doing so allows you to create the canines and ears!

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 7

Right, now it's time to get your scissors.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 8

Cut out the objects from the paper plate. Follow your drawing closely.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 9

Unfold the cutouts. As you can see, there's still one thing left to do before we get to see those ears.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 10

Yes, cut the three objects in half lengthwise so that you'll have two ears, and four teeth! Great job so far, this paper plate hippo is fast on its way to being completed.

Step 3

Paint the Head and Ears

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 11

For this step, you will be painting the ears and head of the hippo. Get your grey paint but if you only have white and black paint that's okay.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 12

Paint the ears and head evenly with grey. Combine black and white paint to produce grey paint if you don't have readily available grey paint. Good job so far! Now, it's time to move to the next step.

Step 4

Make the Mouth of the Hippo

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 13

Get another paper plate, and ready your poster paint. Grey if you have one. But if you don't, you can mix black and white together.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 14

Paint the upper half of the paper plate grey. Make sure to paint evenly and your strokes should go in one direction only.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 15

The mouth of your hippo will be colored a pinkish-red. Let the previous paper plate dry before flipping it over then get your white and red paint.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 16

If you have pink paint then proceed to paint it otherwise combine the red and white paint first. Paint it evenly and apply consistent brush strokes.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 17

Let the paper plate dry for a bit. Then get the rectangular strips, the canines, because you will be placing them into the mouth.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 18

Fold one of the rectangular strips and put it in place on the lower right side. Use glue once you are sure of the placement. Glue the strips on the white side and not the brown side of the paper.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 19

Then do the same for another rectangular strip but this time put it on the lower left side. Your lower canines are done.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 20

It's now time to work on the upper canines. Simply fold the strips and place them on the upper side of the paper plate. These two canines are closer to the center than the lower canines.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 21

After gluing the upper canines, fold the paper plate in half. Don't fold it all the way through. Splendid! Now, you're on to the next step.

Step 5

Complete the Hippo Paper Plate Craft

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 22

Get your hippo head and ears. You are now close to finishing this craft - all you have to do is combine the pieces together. You also have to add a few more details.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 23

Attach the ears behind the hippo's head. Make sure to place it properlyy before adding glue to the ears.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 24

Next, get the mouth of the hippo.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 25

And then place it on the lower part of the head. After making sure that is placed properly, apply glue to hold the mouth in place.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 26

This is what your paper plate hippo should look like right now. The next thing to do is to get your googly eyes.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 27

Attach the googly eyes slightly below the ears and near the middle. Then, get your black paint.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step 28

Use the black paint to add details to the ears and to make the nose of the hippo craft.

how_to_make_a_paper_plate_hippo_step finished

This is what your paper plate hippo should look like right now. Amazing job! You have completed the paper plate hippo.

For more paper plate kids crafts, check out the articles suggested down below. We hope that you enjoyed making it.

Extra Tips

  • You can add details to your paper plate hippo. Your limit is your imagination. And have fun!
  • Kids should be given pointers on how to use scissors properly.
  • Give the paint and glue enough time to dry.
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