Potato Stamps For Toddlers in 3 Safe Steps


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Potato Stamps For Toddlers in 3 Safe Steps


All you need is a potato to create beautiful art! If you’re looking for a fun yet safe DIY activity for small kids and toddlers, then this potato stamp activity is a great choice. All you need is to make these potato stamps for your children to use so that they can create their own art and develop their creativity.

If you have older kids then you could let them carve their own stamps but adult supervision is still advised. There’s an endless amount of shapes that they can create so this part would let them tap into their creative side.

Also, even if you don’t let them carve the potatoes that is still fine. Why? The essence of this activity lies in creating an artwork, a painting that is, that makes use of potato stamps dipped in various colors.

Now, let’s begin the activity and don’t forget to have fun!

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  • Slicing knife (for adults only)
  • Brush


  • Potatoes
  • Non-toxic paint (poster paint is fine)
  • Paper Plate
  • Bond paper
Step 1

Carve out the Stamps


Welcome to our potato stamps guide. The first thing that you should do is get a knife and medium-sized potato.


Then begin cutting the potato in half. You could try to cut in the middle or a bit further. But the goal is to make four stamps in one potato.


Finish slicing up the potato. As you can see from the image above, one side is thinner than the other.


Continue slicing the potato until you have four parts. Again, you could cut it in the middle first then divide those two parts in half later. Or you could do it in the same way above.


Make a shape out of one of the potato parts. In this example, a potato triangle was made. Yours could be anything you want!


This example made a heart, cat-face, star, and triangle stamp. Make the other three shapes to complete this step. Good job, and now it's time for the next step.

Step 2

Start Stamping


Alright, time to start stamping. You've got your potato stamps ready so what you need now is paint. Get your paper plate and pour some paint over it then spread it out if needed.


Gently press the potato stamp into the small puddle of paint on the paper plate. Make sure you got all sides covered.


In this case, the triangle-shaped stamp was used. Hold it on the sides and be careful not to drop it.


Then gently press the potato stamp on top of the paper. Press evenly. And let it stay there for a bit for good measure.


And lift the stamp out of the paper. There you have it after - a blue triangle. Next, you'll be shown a different way to apply the paint.

Step 3

Alternative Way


Instead of pouring paint on top of the paper plate and then dipping the potato on it, paint the potato on the side. The star and orange paint were chosen for this example.


Completely paint the star with orange paint.


Then press the painted side of the stamp on a piece of paper. Apply pressure evenly.


And do the same for the rest of the shapes. You are free to choose what color and shapes you want.

Congratulations, the activity is done. Which method do you prefer, the first or the second one? Don't forget to check out some of our other guides for kids!

Extra Tips

  • Try to create abstract art or a scenery. Stamping here and there is fine but the potential of creating a wonderful piece of art is great! It'll take a lot of imagination and creativity but you'll get there.
  • Older kids can use a knife though they should be taught first how to properly hold a knife! Safety is important.
  • One cool thing you could do is to have multiple colors in one stamp. For example, you could have a triangle-shaped stamp that is yellow on one side and red on the other.
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  5. the way my kid cut out intricate shapes and the way he applied paint were marvelous.


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