Origami Sailboat From a Dollar Bill Instructions


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Origami Sailboat From a Dollar Bill Instructions


Making a paper boat out of a dollar bill is very easy! Its great activity for kids and beginners to the art of (dollar) paper folding, this origami is easy to make and only has a few steps. You don’t necessarily need a dollar bill; if you don’t have one available, then use a rectangular piece of paper to make your very own origami boat.

The ratio of the height to the width is 1:2.35.

The dollar bill sailboat is a cool-looking fold and will most likely impress anyone who sees it. That’s if they don’t do dollar origamis themselves! Anyways, this is a fun fold to learn and try, so read the guide and enjoy.

Step 1

Make Some Creases


The first step is to get a suitable dollar bill and find a flat surface,like a table. A paper that has the same ratio of a dollar bill can also be used.


Fold it in half lengthwise then unfold.Fold the paper bill crosswise in half.


Fold the paper again in half to make a vertical crease then unfold. Then do a diagonal fold on the right edge so that the paper would like the image from above.


Do the same for the left side. Bring the left edge towards the middle like in the picture so you'll get a symmetrical shape.


Then unfold the diagonal folds you made. Good job! Now it's time to proceed to the next steps.

Step 2

Work on the Sails and Hull


Your focus should be on how to create the sails and hull in order to finish the dollar boat. This stage is the first part.

Your next objective would be to bring the right and left edges to the top. But this time, you will be working with the creases you just made.


Pull the right edge towards the top. The crease lines will help shape the paper in the way you want to.


As you start to direct the right edge towards the top it will naturally start to fold in half because of the crease line.


Then apply pressure along the lines so that your dollar bill will be folded like in the image above.


Then do the same for the other side. Your dollar bill should now look like the image above. As you can see, the top part of the fold resembles the sails but only a little bit. The same goes with the hull.

Step 3

Finalize the Dollar Bill Origami Sailboat


This will be a long step but no worries! Continue reading our guide and you'll have your sailboat in time. Flip the left side to the right side like a page of a book.


Right, your dollar bill should now look like the image above.


Next, we'll focus on the top layer. Diagonally fold the top left and right corners towards the middle so that a diamond shape will formed.


Flip it over to the other side.


Diagonally fold both the top left and right flaps just like the way you previously did.


Flip the left side of the top layer to the other side.


Do the same at the back side.


Your dollar sailboat should now look like this.


Complete the origami sailboat by bringing the bottom corner towards base of the two triangles.


Flip it over and your origami sailboat is done! Congratulations. For more dollar origamis check our articles down below - and please leave a comment to tell us what about your experience.

Extra Tips

  • You can iron your bills so to get rid of unwanted creases. This also makes the paper more presentable later on.
  • Remember to wash your dollar bills first before folding! Stay on the safe side by cleaning the paper/s first.
  • This tutorial will always be here so you could come back in case you forget a step. And if you're stuck with a particular step just drop a comment down below - we'll help ASAP.
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  1. I made a sailor’s hat for my son a while back from this site, now it looks like I’ll have to make this sailboat ahaah

  2. It’s a cool trick

  3. One of the best dollar folds out there in my opinion. Sailboat👍

  4. I think i learned this when i was a child with a childhood friend

  5. Thanks 🙂


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