Create a Quick and Easy Christmas Tree Napkin Fold in 5 Steps

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Create a Quick and Easy Christmas Tree Napkin Fold in 5 Steps


Learn how to make a Christmas Tree napkin fold using a piece of cloth. You’ll be shown the step-by-step process of creating this quick and easy 3D pine tree fold. This napkin fold tutorial is one of the simplest ways to make dinner extra special especially during the yuletide season. Which is why it makes a great serviettes tutorial for kids and beginners.

You’ll need a square napkin that can either be cloth or paper. So sit back, grab that napkin, and then have fun learning the tree napkin fold!

Step 1

Fold the napkin into a triangle


Lay a square napkin on a table. It could be a cloth or paper napkin. Orient the napkin in such a way that it resembles a diamond.

How to Fold the Three-fold Tafelspitz Napkin - Step 2

Then fold the napkin in half by folding the bottom corner towards the top.

Step 2

Fold the corners towards the top


Fold the right corner towards the top.


And then do the same for the left corner. You should have something similar to the image above. Good job - this fold is on a fast track to being finished.

Step 3

Make the Christmas tree napkin stand


Fold the right edge to the left edge. Lastly, there's just one thing left to do.

How to Fold the Three-fold Tafelspitz Napkin - Step 1

Make the napkin stand up by using the three flaps as supports. That's it - congratulations on making the Christmas tree napkin! For more fantastic folding guides, check out the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • The color of the napkin you'll be using will set the theme for your table setting. Pink can denote springtime while orange can represent autumn.
  • Make it extra festive for Christmas by sticking a star on top of each tree. Cut a star on any craft paper then use tape to stick it to the top.
  • Be creative on how you want to decorate this tree. It doesn't have to be for Christmas!
  • Napkin not standing up? It may be due to it's stiffness. Use a thick, stiff piece of cloth or paper napkins instead! You can also starch the cloth napkin by making your own mix of starch and water. Spray it evenly on a flat surface, then iron it with an ironing board. You can also get ready-made starch spray from the store or make your own by mixing equal parts starch and water in a bowl. Then evenly coat the napkin with the mixture on a flat surface until it dries entirely, being careful not to get any of it onto your hands before drying
  • Paper napkins are alright especially if you're in a pinch. But in a windy place, this will be problematic. Indoors are okay for paper napkins but outdoor dining might not be,
  • Enjoy folding! We have dozens of napkins for you to discover.
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