A 7 Step Guide on How to Make a Napkin Folding for Cutlery

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A 7 Step Guide on How to Make a Napkin Folding for Cutlery


Learn how to make a napkin folding for cutlery! Other articles talk about how to fold a napkin into a type of envelope or pocket but never both. In this guide, you’ll learn how to fold an envelope that can hold cutleries. This is a good way to highlight your knives and forks aesthetically.

This is an easy fold that requires only around 30 seconds to make once you are familiar with it. Also, you’ll only need one square cloth or a paper napkin. The entire process will be divided into three parts in this guide.

This is an easy but neat-looking fold suited for beginners. Have fun folding!

Step 1

Make the base of the napkin folding for cutlery into a rectangle


To make this cutlery pocket napkin, lay a square napkin on a flat surface.


Before folding it vertically, you must first fold the left corner towards the center.


Then, fold the napkin in half now. Do this by bringing the left edge towards the right edge. Alright, good job - it's now time to move to the next set of steps.

Step 2

Make the pocket of the napkin for the cutlery


Fold the napkin again in half by bringing the bottom edge towards the top. Fold towards the back though so that the diagonal pocket is visible.


Rotate the napkin 45 degrees clockwise. Your napkin should look like in the image above.


Fold the top corner towards the middle. It should just touch the bottom triangle like in the picture above.

Step 3

Shape the pocket napkin into a hexagon


Fold a part of the left side to the back. It's up to you how you much you want to fold it to the back. The smaller the mountain fold, the bigger the pocket fold is made.


Then, do the same for the right side. Make sure the fold made makes the napkin look symmetrical. Nice job on creating this napkin folding for cutlery!

Extra Tips

  • Remember, for more napkin-folding guides just check out the articles below.
  • If you're looking for a fast and simple way to fold custom-made napkins, look no further! This easy tutorial will teach you how! Iron your cloth napkin first, before folding it into napkin shapes. No guest would want to be presented with a wrinkled napkin on their plate. If you're in a pinch you can use tissue paper napkins for this easy paper napkin folding.
  • You can put other things beside silverware in this cutlery napkin. Make it more personal by printing the menu for that dinner or luncheon. You could also make it much more pretty and dainty by inserting flowers or dried plants inside like a bouquet.
  • This is an easy fold to do and it only takes around 30 seconds to make. This is a good fold if you are in hurry yet want something that can hold cutlery.
  • There are many ways to make pocket napkins for cutleries! You may want to check out Ice cream napkin fold!
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