Fleur De Lis Napkin Fold | Create a Fancy Napkin Flower Fold

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Fleur De Lis Napkin Fold | Create a Fancy Napkin Flower Fold


Learn how to make a fancy way to fold serviettes call the Fleur de Lis napkin fold! Also spelled as Fleur de Lys, this napkin fold in inspired the by the decorative lily design found in most heraldries. An easy yet sophisticated napkin fold, this is a great napkin folding technique to use in weddings and other special occasions.

This fold is moderately hard to do and takes around a minute to make. Also, you’ll need a square napkin to make the fold. Paper and cloth napkins are both alright.

Have fun learning fold and may your guests appreciate the Fleur de Lis napkin fold!

Step 1

Create the diamond shaped base of the Fleur de napkin fold


Lay a napkin in front of you on a table you are comfortable with. Then, orient it such a way that it looks like a diamond.


Fold the top corner towards the bottom to fold the napkin in half. You should get a nice-looking triangle after doing this step.


Bring the right corner towards the bottom corner.


Then do the same for the left corner as well. As you can see, there are two triangles right now - good job! This will be for the diamond base of the Fleur de Lis napkin fold. Time to move to the next set of steps.

Step 2

Shape the table napkin into a cylinder


Your next goal is to make the napkin stand. That's possible if you fold it into a cylinder. First, mountain fold the napkin crosswise in half.


Then bring the right corner in front. Curl it like in the image above.


Do the same for left corner but this time insert it inside the right side. Doing so will make your napkin secured and able to stand on its own.

Step 3

Create the petals of the Fleur de Lys


Flip the napkin over again.


Then peel the right layer towards the bottom right. This will be of the the petal of the flower.


Do the same for the left side by bringing the left corner towards the bottom left. That's it! You have completed your first train napkin. Remember, if you are looking for more napkin folding guides just take a look at the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • Is the fleur de lis napkin fold not standing upright? Most likely the napkin you used is too stiff. Try using paper napkins instead. You can also starch the cloth napkin to make it stiff. First, wash the cloth napkin as you normally do. Spray it with ready-made starch spray or make your own by mixing starch and water. Evenly spray coat the napkin with starch and then iron the napkin on an ironing board. By the way, if you're planning to starch the napkin, make sure that it's cloth or linen.
  • Have fun when you are folding. Learning is an enjoyable experience and so is napkin folding.
  • Don't get discouraged if you make mistakes. You'll master this fold after a few tries!
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