Turkey Napkin Folding Instruction for a Great Thanksgiving Dinner

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Turkey Napkin Folding Instruction for a Great Thanksgiving Dinner


Are you ready for Thanksgiving? The turkey napkin folding is a fun way to serve a festive thanksgiving meal for family and friends!

This turkey napkin fold requires only two napkins. One is for the body and head, and the other napkin is for the tail. You’ll see that using contrasting colors will elevate your table setting especially if it goes with the colors of your dining room. Turkey napkin folds are an all-around beautiful décor for any occasion, not just Thanksgiving!

Step 1

Create the tail of the turkey napkin


Let's make the tail of the turkey napkin first! Place the cloth napkin on a flat surface. Take note that you could also use a paper napkin to make this turkey fold.


Fold the table napkin in half. Your next step is to fold the napkin like an accordion from bottom to upper middle part ONLY. Do not fold all the way to the top. Use the dashed line above as guide.


Once you have partly folded it into an accordion, it should look like this! Now bring the top right corner to the top left corner. It should naturally fold into an accordion fan once you move the right corner flap to the left.


Fold the extra flap diagonally downwards to the right.


Secure the base of the accordion fan by tucking the triangular flap between the accordion fan's pleats.


Good job! The accordion fan is done! This will be the tail of the turkey!

Step 2

Form the body of the turkey napkin


Place another napkin in front of you. Choose any color you want for the body! For this example, we chose a yellow-cream color for the turkey's body.


Fold the right top corner into the center of the table napkin.


Fold the left corner into the center as well. The napkin's top part should be shaped like a triangle. This will be the head and neck of the turkey


The turkey's body needs to be slimmer. Fold the right corner into the middle. Compared to making the tail, forming the turkey's body is a lot easier.


Fold the left edge in the same way you folded the right edge.


Make it much more slender by folding the right edge again into the middle.


Fold the left edge of the table napkin to the middle as well.


Rotate the napkin 180 degrees.


Make the neck by folding a part of the bottom corner upwards.


To create the head, fold a part the topmost layer downwards. It's up to you how long the neck and head of the turkey you want it to be.

Step 3

Attach the tail of the turkey napkin


Grab the tail and body of the turkey napkin.


Lift the neck of the turkey and place the green tail in between its neck and body.


Congratulations! You now know how to fold a napkin into a turkey.

Feel free to leave a comment below, and if ever you need another DIY guide don't forget to visit our site.

Extra Tips

  • If you are wondering what napkin folds you might consider next, go to our napkin category and you'll see tons of folding instructions.
  • Make sure it can stand firmly on its own. This why is why you need a stiff napkin to make this bird fold. If you want an easier time with the napkin turkey folding instruction, you can iron and starch your napkins to make them stiffer.
  • As a general rule, light colors give a sense of space. In contrast, darker colors, although they make the space appear restricted, create a more intimate atmosphere.
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  1. The tail was harder to make than the body, but overall I think the tutorial made so much simpler. Definitely something you could show in thanksgiving


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