The Geisha Fan Fold Tutorial | Japanese Fan Napkin


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The Geisha Fan Fold Tutorial | Japanese Fan Napkin


Looking for a unique fold? Try the Geisha fan fold.  It is something that takes inspiration in Japan – from the Geishas. They are highly trained and respected women renowned for their skills in art and entertainment.

And in this guide, we are going to show you how to fold the Geisha Fan with either cloth or paper napkin. It’s a moderately hard fold to do and it requires two square napkins. You’ll also need decorative strings.

That said, this guide will be simple so that even beginners can do it well and quickly. We hope that you enjoy doing this craft – have fun!

Step 1

Place One Napkin on the Other


Your first step is to lay a napkin in front of you on a table. It should be square. And also, since this fold uses two napkins it is best to think on the color combination for a bit first.


Then, what you are going to do is to fold the napkin in half. Fold it crosswise by bringing the top edge to the bottom edge.


And what you want to do is to fold the right edge towards the left. Make sure to bring the right edge to the back when you fold.


And then place the red napkin on top of the yellow napkin. Make sure that it is positioned in the center. Then bring it towards the top so that the red napkin's top edge is about an inch away from the yellow napkin's top edge.

Great job! Now it is time to move to the next part of the folding guide.

Step 2

Fold it Like an Accordion


Fold the lower edge of the yellow napkin towards the middle of the red napkin.


Then fold the left edge of the yellow napkin towards the right. You will be folding the napkin like an accordion and you should fold about every 1 cm.


And fold it like an accordion four times more. You first folded towards the front and for the second fold, it should be towards the back.


And unfold it. You should have something like in the image above.


This time, just continue to fold the napkin like an accordion until you can't do it anymore. It would then look like something in the image above. You are almost done making the Geisha fan napkin!

Step 3

Tie With a Ribbon


Your next step is to get a decorative ribbon for you to tie the fan.


Place a length of ribbon beneath the napkin.


Then decide how long should your ribbon be. And then cut it. Lastly, tie a knot to compress the lower area of the napkin.

And that's it! You have finished making this fold. For more awesome napkin folds - just check out the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • You could always iron the napkin first as well as starch it.
  • Have fun when you are folding. It can be relaxing.
  • And consider the theme of your setting, especially the colors, before choosing the napkin color and the fold itself.
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  1. is this appropriate if i make this napkin fold to my asian friends? I am not asian hehe

    • it’s fine, it’s just a napkin fold. tell them it’s a fan fold if they ask 🙂

  2. I like this one, it’s honestly something I would like for a photoshoot but not in a typical table setting though

  3. I love this guide! My mom appreciates that I set up a fancy dinner for her and when I made this fold she said that she likes it.

  4. Thankss


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