How to Make a Modern Napkin Fold | The Sandwich Napkin

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How to Make a Modern Napkin Fold | The Sandwich Napkin


Making the modern napkin fold is easy and quick, especially with our tailored guide for beginners. So, even if this isn’t the simplest of folds the details and pictures for each step will make it possible for everybody.

This fold isn’t exactly made for holding sandwiches, but it does look like a sandwich in some way. You can use either cloth or paper napkins for this fold.

Have fun learning this!

Step 1

Fold the napkin into a boat


The first thing you need is to place a napkin in a table or flat surface where you can work comfortably. The goal then is to fold the napkin like a boat.


But in order to that you must fold the napkin in half vertically.


Fold the corners of the top edge towards the middle.


Then do the same for the bottom edge. To make it easier for you to remember, notice how the napkin looks like a canoe. Good job so far, now it's time to move to the next step.

Step 2

Flip the Napkin Over


Fold the bottom corner of the napkin towards the middle.

how_to_make_a_sandwich_napkin_fold_step_6 (2)

Then do the same for the upper corner. You'll then have something that resembles a envelope. This is something that can make you remember the sandwich fold easier.


Then flip the napkin around so that you could work on the other side. Fantastic!

Step 3

Fold the Top and Bottom


Slowly start to fold the top edge towards the middle. But you would want that triangle flap to be visible once you are done with the fold.


Finish folding the top end towards the middle. But let the triangle come out.


Then do the same for the bottom side.


Flip it over. That was the last step to make the modern napkin fold - congratulations. Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience. And if you like more napkin folds, look at the excellent suggestions below.

Extra Tips

  • It's always a good idea to iron the napkin first. No guest would want to be presented a wrinkled napkin on their plate. Ironing your table cloth napkin is the first step in preparing for a good dining experience!
  • Make sure to have all your napkin folds of the same proportions and make sure to take care of symmetry. Placing the sandwich napkin in the middle of a plate is one of the best ways to showcase its design. For example, if you plan on putting the food at the top left side of your main plate, it’s best to place the napkin at the top left. If you have lots of guests at your table and are using deep leaves, then make sure you fold them, so they are easily accessible by guests.
  • Have fun when folding napkins, think of it as something that can relax you.
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  1. You could put the fork and knife although it’s not proper. Depending on the nature of your clientele, this can be alright

  2. Fantastic, i don’t know why you called it the sandwich napkin fold but okay – it’s looks great anyway ahaha


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