A Complete Guide on Making an Ocean-themed Octopus Paper Napkins

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A Complete Guide on Making an Ocean-themed Octopus Paper Napkins


If you’re in an ocean-themed restaurant or party, then learning how to make octopus paper napkins is something you’ll want to consider for your table setting. Presentation counts when serving your next meal, and nothing shows your guests how much you care about a beautiful table like a well-folded napkin. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to fold a napkin into an octopus shape in just minutes. Also known as a cuttlefish or a squid napkin, this fold is known for its bell-like shape like most Cephalopods. It’s a bit time-consuming so we recommend you do this before the big event starts. That way, you have time to practice until you feel comfortable enough to show it off to everyone at the next party.

Octopus paper napkins (or cloth) are within your reach right now so read this guide with a napkin in your possession. You’ll surely master this fold in no time!

Step 1

Fold the napkin thrice to make the base of the octopus napkin


Prepare a square napkin and find a suitable place to start folding. Lay it in front of you.


Then fold it crosswise like so. Fold the bottom edge towards the top.


Fold the left edge towards the right. It looks far from being an octopus right now but you'll be amazed soon.


Rotate the napkin so that it'll look like a diamond. Good job! Time for the next step.

Step 2

Shape the octopus paper napkin into a bell


Fold the left and right corners towards the middle. You are now working on the backside of the octopus.


Then fold the inner parts towards the outer edges as shown in the image above.


Diagonally fold both the left and right sides towards the middle. Your napkin should look like this now. There's a flap on the middle. You'll need to fold it outwards.


Fold the right part of the octopus origami towards the outside of the napkin,


Then do the same for the left side so that you'll get a nice symmetrical shape. There's some work left but this side is good. It's now time to work on the other side.

Step 3

Fold the layers of the Octopus Napkin


Flip the napkin to start folding on the other side. This is what your octopus napkin origami should look like.


Fold the topmost layer downwards. You are kind of peeling layer by layer at this point.


Then do the same process for the next layer.


Finally, fold the last layer downwards. Congratulations on making this octopus fold. paper napkin fold!

Extra Tips

  • We recommend using paper napkin to make this octopus. If you don't have one, you may starch your napkin first for better folding.
  • See our other guides; perhaps you'll like something else better.
  • Enjoy folding the napkins. It can be rewarding and relaxing.
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  1. Spot on, i like this fold a lot – coming from a family of fisherfolks this fold reminds me of my time as a kid.


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