The Water Lily Napkin Fold Guide | Fancy Table Setting

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The Water Lily Napkin Fold Guide | Fancy Table Setting


Are you the type of person who’s up for a bit of challenge? And do you like a beautiful napkin fold that’s perfect for any occasion? Well, you’ve come to the right guide as this article will show you how to make a water lily napkin.

The water lily napkin fold steps can be a bit tricky but this guide is detailed and has lots of pictures ensuring that you’ll have the easiest time possible. Your time and energy are important so that’s why we’ve made this guide for you.

Enjoy learning the lily fold, and tell us how it improved your meal preparation/s!

Step 1

Fold Your Napkin Into a Square


Lay the napkin in front of you. It can be a paper napkin but the important thing is that it must be a square.


Fold one corner to the middle. You will fold the napkin into a smaller square.


Bring the other three corners to middle. You should have something like in the picture above.


Fold one corner to the middle again.


Then do the same for the remaining corners. You now have a napkin that's still a square but smaller. Good job! On to the next step.

Step 2

Start forming the Petals


Flip it over.


You could orient the napkin like in the picture above if you like before proceeding to the next step.


Then bring the corners to the middle. You have now made the foundation for the petals of the water lily napkin.

Step 3

Make the Petals of the Lily


Flip it over again. Your napkin should now look like this.


Peel the top layer towards the outside of the napkin just like in the picture above.


If you flip it over your napkin should look like the one in the image above.


Pull the top layers towards the outside for the remaining petals. And congratulations! You have now made a water lily napkin. For more awesome napkin guides, check out the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • Iron the napkin first to remove any unwanted creases.
  • Stiff napkins are preferable.
  • And have fun! Remember you could always come back to this guide if you forget the steps.
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    • it’s the guide that made it easy. I’ve been into napkin folding for a long time and i can say this is a good site to learn some new folds


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