Have Fun Making an Origami Dachshund


Have Fun Making an Origami Dachshund


The dachshund origami is an easy activity for children and adults to do. A dachshund or some people call it a “wiener dog,” is known for its distinct long body and floppy ears. That is why in this origami, the paper dog has a long body and floppy ears.

Children will love making this cute dachshund origami. It would make a nice gift for anyone, especially for a dog lover. Decorate it after to give your dog some personality.

Difficulty Level: Easy

To make a dachshund origami, you need to use a square piece of origami paper. It is better to use a paper that has color on one side. Fold the paper in half  as shown. Crease the paper well and unfold.

Follow the dashed lines and fold the left and right corner of the origami paper to the center.

Insert the bottom tip inside the “pocket” that was made in step 2.

To make the dachshund’s floppy ears,  fold the left and right corners along the dashed lines.

If you look closely, the bottom side of the paper is the upside down head of the dachshund dog. In this step, you need to turn the origami piece around.

Bring the bottom corner upward. Fold it along the left and right corners (dashed line). Rotate the origami 180  degrees counterclockwise. The head of the dog should now be at the top. See next step for the guide.

The tail of the dachshund dog is easy to do. Fold the bottom tip upwards.

Fold the right side of the origami piece to the back.

Pull the tip of the tail to the right. Use the dotted line as guidance.

After doing step 10, the tail of the dachshund origami should look like this. Slightly lift the top part of the head to the left side.

How to fold an Origami Dachshund- FinishYour Dachshund dog origami is done! Draw your dog friend some eyes to give it some life!

There are many versions of dog origami, Discover new ways here!

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  1. I expected it to be hard…but glad it s not hehe

  2. thank you for this you tutor me For my assignment this is the best way to do a origami dog!

  3. Suuuper Cootie Patoootie 😀

  4. nice wiener doggy >-<

  5. Aaaaaaa I could done it perfectly at the age 11 XD aaaaa I’m proud of myself >U<

    LOVE IT💖


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